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My kids miss Disneyland, so they decided to make Disneyland at home


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  • [Fun] My kids miss Disneyland, so they decided to make Disneyland at home

    It's been months now since we've been to Disneyland. Both the kids and us have been missing it. So it was a very fun surprise when Ian and Alli told us that they were going to make Disneyland at Home for us! It made me smile, so I thought I'd share and maybe others will get a smile out of it too.

    Welcom to Disnyland! Dad and Mom

    Alli insisted that Theresa wear a hat.

    Looks great on you T. Perfect fit.

    There's food stands here as well! Ian gave both Theresa and I a gift card.

    Wow! $100 dollars! Thanks kids!

    Where can we spend it?
    There's a popcorn stand.

    And just like Disneyland, if you want to upgrade to a special bucket, you can get one with a Mickey logo on it. They've put a lot of thought into this one.

    In addition to the popcorn, there is also a fruit snack stand. I love how Alli is showing it off.

    Here's our entry into Star Wars land. I'm guessing they used trace paper to get the Star Wars logo.

    Duffy is posing near the entrance at a photo spot. I asked if this was Star Tours and was told that no, it is not. This is the entrance to Star Wars land, which is in their room. There's a rope across it because you're not allowed to go in yet. Wow, they remember that from a year ago when we were at Disneyland's Star Wars Land and you had to wait to go in?

    And don't think they've forgotten about characters. I'm getting my picture with Donald Duck. Looks just like him.

    You two have done an excellent job planning all this out!

    And what about rides? This here is the Wildest Ride in the Wilderness!

    I got in and they rocked me back and forth.

    Ian grabbed his iPad and said "On this ride they take your picture!". This one is from him.

    And then Theresa got to take a ride on Avatar, Flights of Passage. Ian remembers it as the Dinosaur ride crossed with Soarin.

    How about your castle?

    Mommy was led into the castle, where there's even books that you can read. Photopass photographer Alli had Theresa pose for a photo (just like the Disneyland castle).

    Thanks photographer Alli!

    After seeing the castle, it was time to go on a ride as a family.

    it's a small world is a great one that we all enjoy. We can sing along to it, and eat snacks while we're riding.

    Theresa pulled up a youtube ride-through and we all sat and sang.

    Time to be let into Star Wars Land!

    Star Wars Land was a little crazy. Especially when Darth Vader tried to attack me and Anakin Skywalker saved me... according to Ian.

    Thanks for the fun visit to Disneyland kids!

    A little while later, the kids decided to put on a show for us too.
    They dressed up as Woody and Buzz. Ian giving himself a sheriff star and wearing his Woody socks. Alli dressed as Buzz. She couldn't find Buzz Lightyear socks, but found space socks instead, which work just as well.

    Here's Ian and Alli with "You've got a friend in me". Too cute.

    We're all hanging in there. Staying safe, ready for this to all be over. Until then, we'll keep figuring out ways to keep the magic alive at home.
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    Haha so awesome!

    Seems like you and the family always manage to make the best of everything!


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      Great thread!! Brings back memories of when I and my siblings would "make Disneyland at home" between DL visits, including building our own make-believe Mr. Toad ride in the garage and rolling each other through it in a wheelbarrow.
      "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
      it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
      together with every variety of recreation and fun,
      designed to appeal to everyone."

      - Walt Disney

      "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
      - Michael Eisner

      "It's very symbiotic."
      - Bob Chapek


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        This is the cutest thing I've ever seen! Ahhhh! Who needs the real Disneyland when you have this!!!


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          So cute! Such a creative family!
          "I wish they all could be California Bears!"


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            Bravo!! Bravo!!!
            Oh how I miss our beloved land :-(


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              Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post
              Great thread!! Brings back memories of when I and my siblings would "make Disneyland at home" between DL visits, including building our own make-believe Mr. Toad ride in the garage and rolling each other through it in a wheelbarrow.
              Love this thread and love this, too. I've got a similar story from when my brother and I were little; during summer we would have to spend time with my mother at her place of work (which could get real boring, real fast) so one day I took a rolling chair from one of the offices, turned off all the lights in one of the hallways and drew some poorly drawn pictures of some of the scenes from the Haunted Mansion to tape to the hallway walls. Then, got my brother to sit the chair and I slowly rolled him down the hallway, turning to each image and trying to recite the lines as best as my little brain could remember. The icing on the cake was the end of the "ride" when we'd come to the end of the hallway right past my mom's office (which was closed for the "ride") and she would grab the handle and pretend to be one of ghosts trying to push through the doors a la Haunted Mansion hallway scene.

              Kudos to you, OP and anyone else out there using their imaginations to satisfy their Disney fix until the next visit!


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                Did they charge you a hundred bucks to walk in the door for that real Disneyland experience?

                Kidding, kidding!

                I used to do this too. Set up all my toys around the kitchen in a mashup of Disneyland and Great America. Even ran "park hours" with it being closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

                A little later, at 8:30 I would play a tape of the Electrical Parade music, and after that was over, some other music for Fantasy In The Sky.

                Ah, memories.


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                  Paul Pressler thinks you spent too much on attractions.


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                    This is lovely. Thanks for sharing!


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