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  • Haikus

    Posting haikus here.

    Keeps growin’ and a growin’
    Can’t contain myself

    Disneyland Resort
    Miss you, let me count the ways
    Too high a number

    What Would Walt do now
    Add a new attraction here
    Call it ‘Covid-land’

    Tinker Bell flies high
    Over a vacant landscape
    No magic at all

    Sixty five years old
    And no one to celebrate
    Some party this is

    Disney Characters
    Come together to complain
    We miss our public

    Wish I could be there
    The Happiest Place on Earth
    Staycation instead

    The Haunted Mansion
    Beware-Hitchhiking Covid
    May follow you home

    The Magic Kingdom
    Family fun in the sun
    Put on hiatus

    Hour’s drive away
    Disneyland Park that I love
    Til another day

    Mickey and Minnie
    With both of their arms outstretched
    There to greet no one

  • #2
    This is fun! I've been corresponding with my Mom (1700 miles away), sharing Disney movies through the mail like Netflix used to (lol). We include a blank book and each of us writes a little something about the movie, sometimes illustrate our entries, and sometimes add haikus because Mom likes writing them. The book is with her right now, she's watching "Up," but when the book gets back, I'll post some of our fun


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