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Disneyland Resort, Taste of Knott's and So-Cal Theme Park Reopening Thoughts


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  • [Chat] Disneyland Resort, Taste of Knott's and So-Cal Theme Park Reopening Thoughts

    Hey all! So with Knott's selling tickets to their Taste of Knott's event going on until next month, do you assume that if any parks were to reopen (assuming we get the green light from California), they would have to close off reservations to the public on those event days? Do you think there is a plan for that possibility? I would assume even if we all got the 'good to open' status today, it would still be another month for all SoCal theme parks to prepare, well after the event ends, but that's just an assumption I have.

    I wonder if Knott's chose to only keep the event going until the first weekend of the September to see where we are in terms of reopening parks up - I would not be surprised if they add more dates later if an opening isn't in sight. I imagine this could be why Disney didn't plan anything because of the planning it would take to run the event and then be told there could be a possible reopening, then forcing to close to the public on days they already sold the event tickets to.

    There's probably a lot of talk going on behind the scenes, things we don't even know about, but still an interesting thought I had today.
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    If it sells well then they will add more dates again. The first event was fun...but I'm waiting for a Halloween themed event to go back and think that will sell out quickly.

    The only reason im assuming Disney isn't doing this kinda event is the unions....CM make more money doing nothing than getting less hours (and less pay) for working in a semi "dangerous" environment

    So doubt the parks will open until sometime next year,,,unless the unions change their minds
    Happy Halloween!!!


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