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  • Kim Irvine ?

    I know towards the beginning of all this , they furloughed imagineers and non essential staff. I wonder if Kim Irvine was furloughed or forced to retire . Her job is to enhance the park and oversee changes and to make sure those changes fit the overall look of the park . I would think with the park closed so long, her position would not be needed right now . it would be a great shame to lose her. after Tony Baxter left , she is the last link to the old school of imagineering .though she lost some battles, like the court of angels , her being there I think helped keep the balance Of old and new , and helped keep the charm of the park..without her they may have just completely destroyed the rivers of America when they shortened it for Star Wars ..with the park closed so long they really need someone like her to make sure that the park retains its overall integrity ..

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    First, Kim doesn't specifically work for Disneyland, but WDI, which serves all Disney parks. Her actual title is 'Director, Concept Design'. She has still remained active in the parks, as she was behind the repainting of Sleeping Beauty's Castle last year. I would not be surprised if she has been involved with Cinderella's Castle's repainting and the Snow White Refurbishment.

    They can't furlough her because of her senior tenure. Sure, they could try to retire her, but she is one of the highest tenured Disney worker in the company, with her celebrating 50 years in the company, as of this year.

    Finally, while Tony is considered retired(he is still serving as part time adviser), he will be serving as Creative Adviser for the Splash Mountain retheme to Princess and the Frog.
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