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  • [Fun] Another Fun Challenge!

    Hey everybody! I have another fun challenge for everyone today. I saw one thread that said Nemo and Star Tours are two rides on the chopping block- while it is just a rumor, it is a little saddening. But, we can make the best out of it! If you got to pick a ride to put in their place, what would you put? I, personally, would make a push to make Tommorowland more eco-friendly, and than replace star tours with a Wall-E ride in the motion ride style. I might also make the lake park of fantasy land- maybe a Moana ride where you go underwater and see Tamatoa? I haven't thought about that one yet, but it's an idea.

    What are your ideas? Have fun!!!

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    I had this idea for a ride called Escape from the Black Hole that I would put in place of Star Tours. I thought about this after reading Scientific American in an airport once. The basic premise is that your space colony has drifted too close to the edge of a black hole and if you don't get in your shuttle quickly enough then you are going to get sucked in. The whole queue area would be setting up the pre-show. In the big room with the screen it show news reports from around the colony of things going wrong. The next room features people picking up their things that they are going to take with them and you can see some of this on the silhouette screen.

    When you finally board your shuttle, the escape portion has a lot of the look of the original Star Tours where your shuttle is leaving the station and you have to dodge all of the stuff that is falling down and collapsing. You finally make it out and then some other adventures happen in space that tie in other theories of space time like relativity, wormholes, multi-verse and things that can make it more like science-fiction.


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      Originally posted by Co Foo View Post
      I had this idea for a ride called Escape from the Black Hole
      -good ideal-
      There sure have been a lots NEWS , about the Black Hole lately.......
      Soaring like an EAGLE !


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        To save time, build a new ST in SW:GE and leave these simulators where they are. Use the motion simulators for a new "Mission to the Planets" attraction. This space flight is a hybrid of the old “Mission to Mars/Flight to the Moon/Star Tours” attraction except the flight takes you to a few, random, outer planets or moons. This may sound boring but you can spice up this classic Edutainment with a unplanned meteor shower, volcanic eruption (which you are too close to), or a large comet (Comets !!!) . Mars, Saturn and Jupiter offer plenty of variety and scenic beauty. Heck, Jupiter alone has 79 moons on it's own, talk about variety.
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          Everyone wants to rip out the submarine attraction but it is a perfect candidate for a facelift. First, get rid of the Nemo theme and replace it with something closer to the original. There is so much going on under the sea that is unknown, so we should be exploring the dark depths of the ocean, hydroponic farming communities or exploring a sunken ship that looks realistic (think Titanic imagery).
          The tech that was created for Nemo could make the new theme look as realistic as possible, add movement or add some comic relief (like the sea monster used to).

          One of the subs biggest issues is the loading time. How about a redesign of the sub itself? The simplest redesign is to take the folding seats out and replace them with seats similar to swiveling barstools. This would allow the center column to be removed and create a center aisle. Advantage? Guests could enter from the front and exit out the rear, speeding load times. The driver would have to be relocated OR his seat would fold away during loading. This would also allow the driver to access the passengers quickly in an emergency.

          A bigger redesign could be to replace the submarine with a newer one.
          First, imagine if a bus could be underwater with forward facing seats and large windows on both sides instead of port holes. There wouldn’t be a need to duplicate the views on each side of the sub because people on the right could see out the left side.
          Second, by having everyone facing forward, the center aisle would speed loading.
          Third, move the conning tower forward so the driver isn’t in the way during loading, this would be similar to some research subs.

          A final redesign would be to reengineer the entire area. The main lagoon would stay but the waterfalls entrances would be sealed up. The exit waterfall would be moved closer into the lagoon and also sealed. This would leave the entire area, behind the waterfalls, dry. The remaining lagoon would stay and one of the old subs would be parked and redressed like a research sub waiting to launch. The new “submarine” ride is dry and behind the waterfalls.
          If you’ve seen video of the sub ride at Tokyo Disney Sea, this ride will use the same tech but the subs would look like research subs with a large domed glass in front. Six people would be in each sub and the sub is ‘flying’ over realistic scenery. This ride could be a fantasy under the sea, OR a sub ride through a ancient shipwreck. The “deep water” area of the current sub is a large show building so the possibilities are endless.

          Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


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            Originally posted by MRaymond View Post
            Everyone wants to rip out the submarine attraction...
            Slightly off-topic, but: I hope they never remove the lagoon. That expanse of water is welcome in an area that's particularly heavy with concrete. Tomorrowland and that side of Fantasyland need that cooling water.


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              Something green and living in Tomorrowland would be really nice. It would give the land a more optimistic look, compared to the clean, white, almost sterile, look that we have now and is so dated. I just don't think Tomorrowland represents the future we're trying to create, anymore, but Disney hasn't really given us much of a vision of the future recently, so there's no IP to base a ride on. I love WALL-E, but it's not exactly a happy picture of the future. The land needs something to draw everyone in, kids included, so maybe a ride into the future with Donald being a scientist or something?

              I love the idea of the subs, it's a really unique experience that most of us won't get to have in real life. Especially considering the possible special effects. So I think I'd like that to stay, in some form. The Nemo theme should go, though. Maybe explore different seas, like Jungle Cruise? Or make it a trip to a future undersea research base or something?


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                I'd put AITS back where ST is and I'd restore the original subs ride with some 'plussing'.
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                  There is a lot we're still finding out about the bottom of Earth's oceans, but to people who aren't actively interested in marine life, I don't think most of it comes across as very surprising or interesting. Weird worms and fish? We've already seen weird worms and fish, the fact that these particular weird worms and fish are new doesn't impress most people.

                  So I would reframe the Subs as an exploratory voyage through the ocean of a distant planet. Let the Imagineers go hog-wild designing alien creatures, bizarre rock and ice formations, etc. (And while I was at it, the Autopia would become surface rovers on the same planet.)
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                    I don't know, the idea of visiting other planets is a fun one, but I doubt many of us will ever have the chance to see dolphins/porpoises, whales, orcas, octopus, squid, sea turtles, sharks, whale sharks, etc, in the wild underwater. There are many other 'weird', exotic, little-known large fishes as well: marlins, mola, etc. Sea otters, seals, penguins, ...they could even imagineer 'undiscovered' species for deep underwater.

                    I particularly like the idea of the Subs and Autopia 'working' together though, and I can't see how that would happen with my idea.


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                      The subs could be changed to reflect a futuristic ocean, with underwater cities, and farms, research facilities, shipwrecks, even a genetic engineering “zoo” where they’ve created mythological ocean animals like mermaids, etc., and extinct ocean animals like plesiosaurs, and so on.

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