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  • Planning for 2021

    We are planning our toddler’s first trip next year! We can’t do much in the way of planning this early but we are able to request work off and at least block out a week.

    I know things are different now with Covid, but historically, which week would be best?

    We want to see the holiday decor and hope to avoid a super crowded week if possible
    November 16-20 2021
    December 7-11 2021

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    Assuming things are back to normal by then and those are your only choices I’d go in November. The whole month of December is usually really packed.


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      I say early December. When I went in 2015, the parks were relatively peaceful. The only issue was at night, which is when it became busy in certain spots(Small World Mall was packed, Jungle/Jingle Cruise was using the upstairs queue).
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        Until the last two years we went every year at during that December 7-11 time, since its our daughter’s birthday, so I can attest to the fact that that week is a good one.

        Not too crowded (possibly even less so that normal next year) and beautifully freshly decorated for the holidays. Sometimes coincides with the ABC Holiday parade filming.

        Wishing a very sweet trip for you and your toddler.
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          They will both be about as crowded but in my experience the special food offerings are a little bit better just before thanksgiving but that is based on personal tastes. The Christmas foods tend to be mostly peppermint stuff and I'm not a big fan. But either way they are both great times to visit and I'd probably go with the one with the cheapest airfare/hotel prices.


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            My family always goes in November. DO IT! It gets a little hectic around Thanksgiving, but if you go on the day itself, or right after, the park usually clears out.


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              Definitely November (especially if its the week before Thanksgiving, because then you can avoid the massive crowds while also experiencing the Christmas celebrations and decorations).


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                Nov 16 to 20...Thanksgiving decor is mostly Christmas decor, so you'll see the parks dressed up in Christmas fashion...and the November crowds are there but not in much of a sardine can style...and do take loads of pictures...
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