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Magical Map and Frozen Live cancelled


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  • Magical Map and Frozen Live cancelled

    Reportedly, the casts of the two shows have been contacted and informed that they're cancelled.

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    Not surprising. Even when the parks open shows won't be part of the entertainment offerings. Nothing to say they won't have these shows again eventually. But what is the point of keeping the cast and crew on stand-by when it will be a year or more before they will be allowed to have them.


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      This is very sad. I hope they're brought back within the year (of course, after things get better).


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        Popular as those shows are, I think it'll be time for some new ones after the parks fully reopen, whenever that may be.


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          Even before Disneyland close.....
          Disney has been down treading - "Entertainment offerings"-
          So Not Surprising------IMO
          Soaring like an EAGLE !


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            I'm sad to see these go, but I agree that if and when they offer shows again they'll probably go with something new, based on whatever is popular at that time.
            "I wish they all could be California Bears!"


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              The only good i see from this is, I think both will be replaced.

              Not soon but a yearish after the parks open. Marvel land as the big draw next summer and then the year after that a new show for DCA.
              Happy Halloween!!!


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                When they can have live shows again, they should put something new in the Fantasyland Theater. And for the Hyperion, bring back Aladdin. We need new Genie jokes in this day and age!
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