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Why? No, really. Just...why?


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  • Why? No, really. Just...why?

    This post is not about the pandemic, so don't make it about that.

    I wanted to post this in the WDW section, but the same questions apply to DL once it opens.

    Do you have the WDW app on your phone? If you do, have you checked the attraction wait times? They seem pretty high for October...any October.

    Have you seen social media posts that show how long the lines are? Sure, a lot of that is because indoor queues are being eliminated. That being said, is standing outside in the direct sunlight, heat, and humidity your idea of a good time?

    Have you checked the operating hours? They seem to be less than usual for October.

    Have you checked the entertainment? There are no parades. There are no character meet-and-greets. There are no fireworks. The typical entertainment is not there.

    Have you checked the restaurants? Are they all open? Can you get a reservation? What are the wait times to order and get your food? Are they typical, or are there more delays than usual?

    Have ticket prices been reduced?

    Does it cost less to park?

    Are the on-property hotel rates heavily discounted because many amenities are not available?

    Is the cost of a churro less than it was a year ago?

    I want to go to Disneyland. I would love to go to Walt Disney World. I understand why people want to go. I really do. That being said, even if I completely ignore the pandemic, I just can't justify a trip. I mean, why would I spend the same amount of money for a vastly diminished, inferior experience? I don't get it. I honestly don't get it.

    So, let's get to the title of this thread. "Why? No, really. Just...why?" Why are people willing to pay the same amount of money for a severely limited experience? I can understand if you are local and you have an AP. I get that. Your answer is, "because I paid for it." Again, forget the pandemic. This thread should not be about that.

    If Disneyland opened tomorrow, and you did NOT have an AP and you could get a reservation, would you go? If so, why? What allows you to justify paying pre-pandemic prices for a pandemic-diminished experience?

    Do NOT include health concerns in your reply. I simply want to know why people are willing to pay so much for so little.

    When Disneyland opens I foresee outrageously large crowds, insane wait times, no entertainment, limited food availability, and a pretty miserable experience overall. Why are people so eager for this? I truly don't get it.

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    I think it's because people are starving for:

    - An escape from reality
    - A sense of community
    - Uplifting content

    Disneyland/World can provide all 3, even at a diminished experience like you described.


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      Thanks for your reply.

      I completely agree that people want to escape reality. I agree that people have always longed for a sense of community.

      My question is this, doesn't social distancing (masks, ground stickers, signs, etc) diminish the escape from reality? I completely understand why they are necessary. This is not a debate about the necessity of social distancing. What I am asking is doesn't social distancing make it impossible to escape reality? For example, we know Walt built the berm around Disneyland to keep out the visual clutter of the outside world. Social distancing eliminates the berm, and all the other measures Disney has taken to make their world one of escapism and fantasy.

      One more time, just to make sure there are no arguments, I completely understand why they need to do it. My point is that since it has to be done, is there really any escape from reality inside the park? I respect everyone's viewpoint, but I don't think there is escape. I went to Knott's for Taste of Knott's, and although I had a good time, social distancing was what I thought of before anything else.

      I agree that people want to be part of a community, but I don't think you can experience that right now at any theme park, or pretty much anywhere.


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        To be clear, let me say that if it's your money you can do whatever you want with it. If you find value in going to Disney World, or Disneyland when it opens, then my opinion should have no effect on your decision. I would just legitimately like to know why you would still want to go considering how drastically different the experience has to be.


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          One more thing...I think it's pretty ironic if you view this sign while wearing a face shield or while breathing through a mask.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	Disneyland_plaque.jpg Views:	0 Size:	109.5 KB ID:	8627355


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            I'm with you, I think it'd personally be difficult for me to enjoy the park wearing a mask all day and social distancing, which is why I won't consider going when Disneyland reopens.

            But the fact WDW isn't dead and there's a long line to get into World of Disney in Anaheim shows there's some significant portion of people it simply doesn't bother, or at least they don't think it would. I mean, at the end of the day, you still get to ride Small World, Expedition Everest, and Pirates of the Caribbean! Which isn't so bad, especially if you live far away and don't get to go too often.
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              I think Downtown Disney is so packed because it's free, and people are desperate to get out and do something...anything other than sit at home. I completely agree that people are desperate to get back to some sense of normalcy, and I completely understand the crowds there. The thing is, going is free. You only pay for what you eat or purchase, and you usually don't spend all day there.

              I can see your point about the rides. If your main priority is the rides, then I can understand why you would go. I can understand that some people find value in the rides, even if it does cost over $100 to get in. Again, I already understand why passholders would go. They have already paid or are committed to the monthly payments. I get that.

              I don't have a pass right now, so I ask myself, would it be worth paying to just ride a few rides? I can't say no, but I can't say yes, either.

              For example, let's say Disneyland kept the crowds reasonable, not because of the pandemic, but just because we all know how crazy packed it gets. Let's say they capped attendance at 25 percent. Would I pay $100+ to ride the train, pirates, HM, and Mark Twain and just sit on a bench for a few hours? Maybe, but the answer would be a hard no if the park was packed. That's not because of the pandemic. That's because insane crowds would make it not worth it, and you know, now that I think about it, that's my main reason for posting this. When you look at the attraction wait times at WDW, how can you justify going when you consider everything else? WDW is clearly not limiting attendance to anything close to 25 percent.

              When you consider how packed the parks are and how long the wait times are, is it still worth going? I'm leaning towards "no".


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                I think (thinking as a local - if I were one), I think going back would be a return to normalcy and a soothing thing, even if it sucked (like NYE crowds or whatever). For someone with a young kid, visiting soon might be so they have the experience (I can wait a year or 2, for my 2 year old). For me I will not go back until there is a vaccine or reliable therapeutics and a better understanding on the pandemic. But I might just be OCD.

                I feel like we can hold out a few more months in order to have a safer real return to normal.


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                  A lot of my friends on Facebook (not close friends, just... you know, old high school mates and college acquaintances) have been posting their trips to Disney World. From an outsider's perspective, everything looks normal, masks included. It's weird how masks are the new normal. I think that's a good thing, but it also shows how much has changed.

                  I agree with J. Thaddeus Toad that it's escapism. Paying top dollar to get away makes sense, especially when a lot of people have saved money from not driving anywhere, not going out... A lot of my acquaintances and even friends in Los Angeles (who are traveling to other states) are also saying it's for their mental health. A lot of people are very very sad (myself included), and they're trying to find ways to cope (I got into hiking per the recommendation of my doctor. It's fine). I think those who pay to go to Disney World are wrestling with this feeling of isolation in some capacity.

                  I won't lie. The more I see people out there in places like Florida and Texas living life like normal, the more confused and sad I feel. It's this feeling of missing out. Maybe that's part of it as well.

                  I'm not one of those people who would drop money for a ticket to Disney World for a "semi-operational" experience. Nor would I go because I think I would feel guilty given the current circumstances of the world, but those are my thoughts on why people would spend so much for what's offered.


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                    PhotoMatt We currently have Signature+ passes for Disneyland and live locally in Newport Coast. So it's easy and convenient to get to the parks and Downtown Disney. Our family loves the parks but we would not go under the current circumstances right now. For out of town family It just isn't worth it and it's not because cost is an issue. Friends and neighbors have expressed a similar sentiment, the experience is diminished and uncertain at this time.

                    We will wait until things are clearer before going back to the parks. Honestly it's painful to think about all the hard working CMs who have lost their jobs in this crisis.

                    ​​​​​​​We are going to wait it out for a while.


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                      Disney Experience has diminished-IMO
                      So I ask same questions.........Why are people so eager for this ?
                      Matter of Worth...........
                      Soaring like an EAGLE !


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                        I think a lot of people have just adjusted to this as a "new normal". Pretty much every outing is a diminished experience now. I went to the mall last weekend and had to wait in a line to enter each store. You can't try on clothes anymore. IKEA has a longer queue than the Matterhorn on Christmas Eve. Supermarkets still have limits on the number of cleaning products you can buy. Every movie theater in my area is still closed. Bars and restaurants have tables set up on the sidewalk or in the parking lot. Why pay to eat dinner in a parking lot? People just want to get out and do stuff however they can and try to make the best of it.
                        To be sure, it's not going to be "worth it" to everyone. But enough people are willing buy a ticket and just enjoy the day with their family at a beautiful park with a castle, because even a sub-par experience at Disney World beats sitting at home.


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                          I wonder how many people go there expecting things to be as they were and are surprised when they're quite different than what they're used to.


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                            Originally posted by micromind View Post
                            I wonder how many people go there expecting things to be as they were and are surprised when they're quite different than what they're used to.
                            You got a point.......
                            I grew up with Disneyland most of my life
                            only 30 min's away.........
                            The way the resort is run Today, from the ways I grew up.......
                            It took time to realize.........there is fest different
                            " Not the SAME nor longer" the way they run by Today Leadership.

                            Such as diminished experience and I find it Sad as Well !
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                            Soaring like an EAGLE !


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                              Originally posted by Eagleman View Post

                              You got a point.......
                              I grew up with Disneyland most of my life
                              only 30 min's away.........
                              The way the resort is run Today, from the ways I grew up.......
                              It took time to realize.........there is fest different
                              " Not the SAME nor longer" the way they run by Today Leadership.

                              Such as diminished experience and I find it Sad as Well !
                              "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
                              it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
                              together with every variety of recreation and fun,
                              designed to appeal to everyone."

                              - Walt Disney

                              "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
                              - Michael Eisner

                              "It's very symbiotic."
                              - Bob Chapek


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                                Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post


                                You the person............that told me -Why-?
                                I could not find a Park Bench ,to get off my feet to rest........
                                Leadership at Disney Today-took most of them out from the parks.......
                                They Want there Guest walk and shop ~~lol
                                talk about another "Diminished Experience"
                                Soaring like an EAGLE !


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                                  I would pay to go tomorrow if it opened, pandemic or not. I have simple answer, one that not many will agree with so I’m sorry if it frustrates people but I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

                                  The park makes me happy and it has the Haunted Mansion. I am assuming it to be open if we are talking about an imaginary, post-pandemic world.

                                  As a local, I can access and have a pass but for the sake of discussion, I’ll pretend to not have access to that option.

                                  Price may affect my ability to visit as often as I’d like, but as long as the Mansion stands in the park, I will be there. A trip through those haunted halls, I will pay nearly any price for, even if I only get to do so once or twice a year. Yes, I love the attraction this much and it has had that level of effect on my life (both as a fan and a former CM working it).

                                  -and that’s just the one attraction existing in a vacuum. There would be others open that I love, too. -and my wife. Plenty of them, even though not everything would be there, admittedly.

                                  I have tons of CM friends and I love the company. I would go tomorrow and spend money to support them and the company. I love the food options found around the park that I can’t get elsewhere but also, (-and I hate to be a downer here) it is one of the few places and things left in this world that makes me happy.

                                  Life is tough and to be blunt, over the past few years I’ve had effectively all hopes and dreams dashed and have been trying to find myself again. But in the parks, all my troubles disappear for a few hours and remind me of the way things can be in the world. My time there reminds me of good times that have come and gone, let me escape from present reality and it gives me hope for future. Being there gives me a mental boost to keep going and reminds me that things are going to be alright, more than any other place or thing in the world can do to me given my connection and history with the park.

                                  I’m rambling now. But hopefully some of that makes sense. It has my favorite attractions that are worth any amount for me to visit (so long as they’re there), I love my friends and the company in general and want to support them both and it honestly makes me happy in ways that other things cannot. Would I reach a breaking point in price for that? I would. But I’m not there yet.

                                  I see the price and diminished experience that is coming soon. I do. But it isn’t enough to scare me away, yet. What I feel when I step through the gates is still worth it to me and it’s going to take a lot more to scare me away for good. I’m not saying it’s impossible but I’m not there yet. There’s more to life than Disneyland, I understand this notion, too. -and I partake in other things that make me happy in life, but nothing is quite like the parks (heck, most of the time I’m here posting it’s during my work days because I’d rather be discussing these parks than focusing on the literal, soul-draining job I’m paid to do).

                                  -and while I can’t speak for others, maybe the reason the lines are so long and people are willing to pay the same for less, is because they’re looking for an escape from reality during these trying times. Things haven’t been easy for anyone this year (unless you’re a toilet paper or hand sanitizer company), so a little bit of happiness or escape from the horrors of reality is something folks are willing to pay to experience. Even if it’s neutered in multiple ways.

                                  Sure, there are other avenues one could go down for that. But everyone has their own opinions about matters to them. Folks can’t speak for others and certainly shouldn’t judge them for what they like or what they feel makes them happy. For some, simple camping trip might be enough. Folks of that mindset will never understand why someone would want to pay hundreds for a less than perfect Disney trip. But they don’t need to be convinced. All that matters is the second person finding the right balance between value and happiness. Maybe their decision will confuse you. But that’s fine, if it honesty makes them happy and they have the money to spend for it, let them be happy. We can’t see into the minds of others and their experiences, who they are and what things like these parks mean to them.

                                  Some may never understand them, but again, that’s fine. You don’t need to. Let them be themselves and have their happiness and you make whatever decisions make you happiest, too. Humans are emotional creatures yet we’re always seeking to fully understand things and apply logic to every little decision others make. But having emotions inherently means there will always be a degree of logic lost and replaced with feeling. -and I think that’s just fine.

                                  I hope each and everyone reading this is finding whatever way they can to keep themselves happy during these times. Much love to you all.

                                  EDIT: An analogy of this I experienced last night; I went to a Japanese steak house. I’ve had Kobe beef before, it’s obviously incredible. But 8oz of it was $160 dollars. Now, that price for that small amount is worth it to many. For those people, I am happy. Yes, it tastes incredible to me too but not enough for me to pay that price. But if it makes others happy, have at it, no judgement from me. I enjoyed my blackened Salmon and fried rice, and they’re free to enjoy their Kobe beef, which I’ll never fully understand logically why others feel is worth the asking price. -and that’s okay!
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                                    I think part of this is understanding that not all guests take advantage of, or even go to the parks for all of the entertainment or dining offerings.

                                    I will preface this by saying it’s unlikely that I will be returning to any Disney park earlier than 2022. I love DL, but I do take a couple years off every now and again to bring a little unfamiliarity back to my trips. That was actually something I planned pre-COVID. My hope is that by then, the world and DL will be much closer to ”normal”.

                                    As my kids have grown older, some of the offerings in the park are not large draws for me anymore. I’ve never been much of a parade watcher, nor do I find a need any longer to make time to find a place to stand for F! or fireworks in my trips. I have never watched WoC, or seen any stage show in the FL theater. These entertainment options are not why I go to the park and to be honest, mostly interfere with my idea of how theming is maintained in each land where they are shown. I do enjoy the roaming entertainment which is more often than not properly themed to where it’s happening (The Dapper Dans on Main St, Tianna singing jazz in NOS, the Royal St. Bachelors playing sets in the French Market, etc...) but have gone enough times during non peak periods that did not feature much entertainment at all, to not feel like I’m having a bad trip because of light or absent live entertainment.

                                    Dining is also not a huge draw overall. I do make a point of having a meal at least once per trip in the Blue Bayou, and I’ve started making one breakfast at the Carnation Cafe a tradition as well, but the remainder of my meals are all enjoyably had at the counter service restaurants.

                                    All of that said, having no parades, shows or formal dining options at WDW would not be a detractor for someone like me at all, and in some ways, would be preferable.

                                    Now, all day face masks (I agree with the need, but I have a beard and after a while, they get way too uncomfortable for me to ignore) queuing changes that detract from some or all of the details that make a queue actually enjoyable to be in, and the need to reserve park entry, which for me reduces spontaneity, are definitely detractors and would be the parts that actually reduce the value offered to me. Perhaps though, there are people out there that are ok with that as well.

                                    I can see the traditional escapism normally provided by a Disney trip to be a powerful draw in times like this. I get excited just making a bi-weekly trip to the grocery store because it’s something different than my home which I rarely leave right now. Stepping foot into DL, even a reduced experience DL right now would be a welcome change of scenery.

                                    I may have rambled on a bit in this post, but to sum it up, I’ll say this:

                                    Most of us look to Disney park trips as an escape from the day to day monotony of our regular lives. I’d be willing to bet that even with the reductions in entertainment/dining and the operational changes in place to increase safety, many people will still experience that escapism which is what the true value of the trips are for them. Escaping their house or their town may be what helps them make it through the rest of this pandemic with most of their sanity still in place. In that case, the cost is probably justifiable for them.
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                                      People are desperate for their Disney fix. Even if it is watered down and overpriced. But the real question is after the initial surge of customers, will the crowds die like after Galaxy's Edge opened. Will people get tired of the poor product the same way they did with Galaxy's Edge. Time will tell.


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                                        If Disneyland opened tomorrow, and you did NOT have an AP and you could get a reservation, would you go? If so, why? What allows you to justify paying pre-pandemic prices for a pandemic-diminished experience?

                                        As others have said, it's all about escape and getting to our 'Happy Place'. It's about 'replenishing one's spirit'.

                                        The experience wouldn't be terribly diminished for me as long as all my fav attractions were open. I'm all about the attractions. Don't give a rat's patootie for shows, parades, and the like. Dining isn't a biggie for me either, I have Celiac so no churros, bakery items, or cupcakes for me.

                                        And I remember very well the days before Fast Pass so waiting in a line is something I'd put up with too.
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