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  • [Idea] Tomorrowland/Fantasyland Additions/Renovations Idea

    I had a grand idea for Fantasyland/Tomorrowland expansion and wanted to just share it since being home during pandemic got me spinning ideas. Attach is a simple overview of what I'm thinking in my mind made to the best of my ability


    Let's start off with whats being removed, first thing Nemo, Autopia, Launch Bay, Monorail Station, Train Station are all removed. Tomorrowland Gets Tron Cycle Coaster, Looking down Tomorrowland from the Hub the massive Canopy will be centered and at the end of the land where launch bay is currently under the canopy would be the entrance to Tron, and a new walkway to the newly Tron themed train station to make the train station of the future more futuristic. The massive show building would be sunken into the ground maybe 1-3 stories shouldn't cost to much with subs being underground a bit half of the digging is done already, We would have to sink the showing building to hide the fact its so huge. Next up new monorail Station the monorail is staying its just gonna be going around the entire complex of show building and under the Tron canopy it should give a ton of kinetic energy and movement to the area. Right besides the new Monorail station would be The new Fantasyland Additional Arendelle(excuse the spelling in the pic) The new entrances to this land are marked by arrows and would theme the monorail as wooden bridges/rock rock to hide the monorail a bit and would go under the bridges to enter the new land from 2 different sides. The land of Arendelle would include a Frozen Dark Ride, Shops, Restaurants, Restrooms, Meet & Greet, Etc. the land would be themed to movie and the Arendelle castle in the corner would be the entry to the new attraction. Matterhorn would stay the same just incorporated to fit in Arendelle and the attraction would get an additional Marshmellow Animatronics throughout to replace the Abdominal Snowman ones to keep with the frozen theme. Right outside Arendelle Fantasyland entry would be a new Small World plaza same look just expanded a bit and themed to hide the new land and show buildings. If you keep making your way up Small World Plaza you'll see a new Fantasy land indoor Theater this space saving theater would have a balcony seating area above the regular seating to make more seating in a smaller space.this would be themed to little fantasy town cottage village style similar to the Tokyo Disneyland addition of there new theater. The reason for this style near Small World is because in the old Fantasyland theater space would become either Beauty and the beast Attraction to tie in the theme to the area. if now Beauty and the beast village themed then match the theme to whatever ends up taking up that massive space. Haven't gotten that far into ideas for that space. I know its a bit but just a small over view of what they could do in the area. add on any additional ideas or something that should be different.

    *Arrows mark entry into new lands or new attractions in photo*

    Cant wait to hear feedback, one day i hope to go in and actually draw out the footprint and spaces for a more detailed look.

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    Oh where to start? I like some of your ideas but I think your scale is a bit off. The Arendell area is actually larger than the entire, original, Fantasyland, and that doesn't even include the Frozen ride which is bigger than the Jungle Cruise. Disney has too many unused IP's to invest in Arendell-land (though Star Wars Land screws that theory). I like your Tron concept even though I don't think Tron will work in Tomorrowland's limited space, mainly because the Tron-Coaster will end up being like the Incredicoaster, where you can see outside the park while riding it.
    I guess I should do a little work on my Tomorrowland/Fantasyland expansion ideas. Good job.
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      Although I'm not a huge fan of the Finding Nemo theme, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage is a one-of-a-kind Disney attraction now that it's sister 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Submarine Voyage is gone. I hope we don't lose it. I'm not sure why people look at this section of Tomorrowland of totally bulldozable compared to other areas of the park, like Rivers of America, which takes up a quarter of the entire Park. Also, all of the attractions suggested here are clones from other Disney Parks, while losing completely unique and scenic attractions in the process, I mean the lagoon is gorgeous and compliments the Matterhorn mountain beautifully.

      I would rather see complete renovation/restoration of the existing Tomorrowland promenade buildings. What are your thoughts on that area? I didn't grow up with it, but the original Space Mountain entrance looked grand, and seemed to make more sense than the large span of concrete up there right now. Also, the Observatron area is prime real estate. I know the Astro Orbiter can't go there, and I'm not a fan of cloning, but would the Jet Packs be more appropriate? Lighter and more futuristic? What do you think?


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        First the positive.

        Kudos for having a bold and imaginative idea on what to do for that part of the park. Your ideas definitely take the existing footprint and make something completely different and exciting.

        Now for the critical.

        While I think something definitely needs to be done with Tomorrowland, I am against the removal of the subs and the lagoon. I think it’s the most unique dark ride in any Disney park, one of the most beautiful and picturesque locations in the park (especially with the matterhorn in the background), and as a Walt original, it deserves to be something that gets plussed, not removed.

        I do think Autopia and the former rotating theater should indeed be razed and replaced with something new. I’m not sure though if the Tron coaster is something that needs to be replicated again. It looks like an amazing coaster and I am tempted to return to WDW one of these years to experience it, but I would want to keep DL different and unique. We deserve something fresh and new. Another copy from Shanghai and WDW just doesn’t cut it for me.

        Honestly, if IP must be used, I’d rather see something Star Wars or Marvel be the inspiration for a reuse of that space. A dueling coaster with X-Wings vs. Tie Fighters as the ride vehicles for example, or perhaps a coaster experience that encapsulates the rider in their own Ironman suit (or at least using some kind of Stark Tech) where they feel like they are flying and fighting an invading force of hostile aliens. Perhaps with an interactive element to it like Buzz/TSMM/MFSR.

        If IP can be avoided, maybe a flight simulator in the spirit or Mission to Mars which takes us on a journey to space and the planets of our solar system. Maybe Disney could partner with Space-X on something like that to root it in realism (though that idea may suffer the same fate of many other reality based attractions in Tomorrowland that age too quickly).

        Regardless of my criticism, your ideas are very imaginative and i look forward to seeing more details of them. Armchair Imagineering is a fun pastime for sure. 👍🏼

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          Click image for larger version

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          Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


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            I couldn't post the picture and the text together for some reason. Tomorrowland has been sitting dormant long enough. TL already has the infrastructure needed to be great once again. Just as it was retrofitted when TL67 was built, it will need to be overhauled to be fixed now. My concept is not to replace Tomorrowland, just refit it. Some of my ideas could be started now because I’m not proposing that the buildings be demolished, just heavily retrofitted. The buildings that Star Tours and BLAB use are original 1955 structures at their core. Remember that when they gutted Tomorrowland in 1966, the buildings were reduced to shells, not demolished. Also, I’m not someone who wants to turn TL into a museum of 1967 greatness, but it never should have been allowed to turn into what it is now.

            I'll look at this idea attraction by attraction, with bigger ideas at the end. Some of these ideas will work but only with an overhaul of the show buildings.

            1. Astro Orbiter - It's time for the AO, in its current location, to go away. There was no reason to remove it from its TL67 position unless the pedestal had structural issues. Do some aesthetic updates to lose the “steam punk” look, and put it back on the pedestal. If the base structure needs to be torn down and rebuilt, like the PM tracks do, then do it. Upgrade the ride vehicles so they don’t look like ‘tubes with headlights”.

            2. Starcade - The upper level goes to the new Astro Orbiter as a queue. There will be ramps that go from here to the upper level of the AO platform. By using ramps the old gantry elevator won’t be needed and it will be ADA compliant.

            3. Star Tours - This is my favorite ride in Tomorrowland, and I think the additional destinations only improved it. Now that Galaxy’s Edge is open, put something new in this building. To save time, leave the simulators where they are. Use the motion simulators for a new "Mission to the Planets" attraction. This space flight is a hybrid of the old “Mission to Mars/Flight to the Moon/Star Tours” attraction except the flight takes you to a few, random, outer planets or moons. This may sound boring but you can spice up this classic Edutainment with a unplanned meteor shower, volcanic eruption (which you are too close to), or a large comet (Comets !!!) . Mars, Saturn and Jupiter offer plenty of variety and scenic beauty.

            4. Buzz Lightyear Astro Blasters - Time for Buzz to move out and go to DCA with the rest of the PIXAR rides. BLAB gets an ATIS makeover using trackless tech. This is a 3D glasses attraction. You pass through the Mighty Microscope and randomly move around while shrinking. The Paul Frees narration is modified (if necessary) but now we add a shooter option. As you are shrinking, you find NanoMachines are mixed into the atomic structure of the snowflake. You have uncovered a dastardly plot to create poisonous snow that will pollute the environment. Gotta shoot ‘em all.

            5. Little Green Men store - Do we really need a second Star Trader? Tack the space on to the rehab of the BLAB space.

            6. Star Trader - Offer more Tomorrowland specific merchandise that isn't just IP’s like Star Wars, they have their own land now.

            7. PeopleMover - Return the People Mover to Tomorrowland except with a sleeker, modern design and slightly faster speed than the original. The track will need to be upgraded or completely replaced, and the buildings will need to have the entry ways widened unless the PM cars are enclosed. To ease pedestrian congestion in Tomorrowland, remove the track section that runs down the center of the TL entrance. Instead, the ride heads straight over to the upper level of the Carousel Theater after loading. The existing track section that exits BLAB will, instead, arch across to the Star Tours building. This arch will be the new gateway to TL. To plus the PM, give it a small, show terminal to showcase its usage as a transportation system. The new PM can run as individual cars or small trains. For ADA compliance there can be several cars on the track that can handle a power chair or scooter or every fourth car in a train is set for Special needs. My plan shortens the route over Autopia to free up space for a Fantasyland expansion.

            8. Tomorrowland Terrace - This is the fast food center of TL. Put back live entertainment on the elevated stage and send the Jedi Academy to Galaxies Edge.

            9. Tomorrowland Theater (Captain EO) – Completely gutted and becomes part of the updated Space Mountain. See #10

            10. Space Mountain - An entirely new Space Mountain contained in an expanded building. In the expansion we also lose the Capt. EO Theater. Gut the mountain as it is now. The track, lift hill, flying cookies, everything. The mountain is an empty shell. Cap EO gets the same treatment and leave the building shell. The new Space Mountain will LAUNCH you into space from the old EO area similar to the Rockin Roller Coaster. We get loops, twists, and gut wrenching, multiple G-force turns and it’s all contained in the mountain. The indoor queue needs to be reworked for these changes.
            11. Pizza Port - The old Mission to Mars building becomes the new entry area for the updated Space Mountain. This is an expanded queue, restore and update the old area Mission to Mars control center with modern AA’s, etc.
            The Pizza Port can move into the old Space Place area, upstairs. Indoor and outdoor dining is on the upper floor.

            12. Autopia - Electric, Electric, Electric. Going to electric cars should have been done long ago. Without the problem of exhaust fumes, part of the track could go indoors to a themed section. Something else that can be done to the cars is to soften the suspension and simulate that the car is floating on air or hovering. Some skirting could be added to the car to hide the tires. The sensation is the key. Since the cars are now electric, add some on-board audio.
            The cars could also be monitored by a central computer, so if some wise guy intentionally stops on the track, the car would slow but not stop. If a car is stopped on the track due to a malfunction, the central computer would stop the cars behind it to keep Junior from ramming instead of stopping. My plan requires the footprint of the ride to be shortened so the old motorboat cruise area can become a TL or FL expansion. The Submarine Voyage’s show building wasn’t under the Motorboat Cruise.

            13. Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage - Get rid of the Nemo theme and replace it with something closer to the original; exploring the dark depths of the ocean, hydroponic farming or exploring a sunken ship that looks realistic (think Titanic imagery). The tech that was created for Nemo would make the new format look as realistic as possible or add some comic relief (like the sea monster used to). How about a redesign of the sub itself? Change the seating so the sub can load from one end while people exit through the other end, this would speed loading time.

            14. Monorail - Perfect as it is. I like the current Mark VII model. I still think monorails are futuristic but cities don’t want to invest in them. I would shorten the figure-8 over the Autopia so it frees up space for a Fantasyland expansion.

            15. Innoventions - I like the Carousel Building. It’s time for a new revolving show. I've always envisioned a "Carousel of Disney". The show highlights cutting edge technology of the past, the present, then the future using Disneyland as its example. Ride tech, AA advancement, originality and future rides. It would also showcase how it all comes together. The host can be T. Morrow, Mr. Johnson (in NASA lab coat) or a new AA personality. Keep it fast paced and it stays interesting. Make the scenes modular and they could be updated as needed with minimal downtime. Put the speedramp back in after the last scene and take the audience upstairs. The upper floor would have a model of Disneyland (with moving parts and articulation) and an AA narrator pointing out how the park has changed over time. The PeopleMover would have a peek into the show building at this level (like it did when the EPCOT model was there. Actually, I’d be happy with putting the Carousel of Progress back in but with a completely redesigned and updated show. The show at WDW is already dated.

            16. Skyway – This one is a long shot. The Tomorrowland Skyway station would be rebuilt but the alignment would change. The new path is over the Sub Lagoon, past the Matterhorn (not through), over Casey Junior, over the Fantasyland Theater (or whatever replaces it), then drop down into the back corner of Galaxy’s Edge or Toon Town. It is a straight shot.

            17. Since the PM track was removed down the main entrance way (see #7), replace the murals on ST and BLAB with video walls and/or projection mapping. Returning the Mary Blair murals would be a nice touch but if they are not restorable put a representation into the video wall show. Also, remove the floating ball near Space Mountain and move it to the area the Astro Orbiter occupies now. It’s a nice centerpiece for the Tomorrowland entrance.

            Overall Tomorrowland - Improve the aesthetics of the land by painting pretty much everything blue, white, silver, and gray with chrome accents. Add color back to the land by making the PM cars vibrant colors, lots of trim color on the buildings. The architecture could be unified throughout and it needs lots of lighting at night. The TL67 googie architecture is still cool but can be updated with architecture from the TL movie. Remember, you don’t have to demolish a building just give it a completely new facade. Imagine the architecture of the Disney Theater, in downtown LA, brought to the TL facades.
            Keep the land clean, free of trash and chipped paint. Use landscaping and planters to add color.

            18. The Fantasyland Theater has run its course, remove it and put in a multilevel show building. Two dark rides can fill that space on different levels. There are plenty of IPs that aren’t represented; like Frozen, Aladdin, Tangled, etc. Multiple entrances on different parts of the building hide that one is above the other.

            19. Fantasyland Train Station. Re-theme the station to whatever IP takes over the nearby building.

            20. Peter Pan’s Flight. Yes, the most controversial of my upgrades. Peter Pan is the most popular dark ride in Fantasyland and there is no way to expand it since it’s hemmed in by Mr. Toad. So, remove it, intact, from the Castle and move it to the new space. The Capt Hook ship and Skull Rock are restored but not as a restaurant, it’s the entrance and part of the queue.
            The ship is an interactive and themed area while you wait in queue, so are the Skull Rock caves. The updated attraction is the same ride as before, with the same props and set pieces, but it can be lengthened or modified. Also, the attraction can be updated for ADA compliance. It SHOULD NOT get the Shanghai treatment with multiple projections but it can get a better ending. The old ride space in the castle can get a new, short attraction from another IP.
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              Personally, I would demolish the Fantasyland Theatre or the Motoroboat Lagoon/Autopia area and turn it into a brand new "Flight Through Fantasy" ride that uses a ride system that is sort of a combination of Peter Pan's Flight and Soarin'. It would fly you through classic Disney moments from unrepresented movies, like "A Whole New World", "Circle Of Life", etc. Think Mickey And Minnie's Runaway Railway but you're flying through classic animated Disney moments.

              I think that's the best way to use the limited land in that area to bring in some of Disney's most famous/beloved movies that they make the most money off of. This is a better use of land than something themed specifically to Frozen or Beauty And The Beast or whatever.

              As for Tomorrowland, realistically most of it probably has to be gutted. There are probably serious issues with things like asbestos, ADA accessibility, things not being up to modern building codes, etc. Not to mention, the land is so inter-connected (see the PeopleMover tracks), and so cramped, that it really probably needs a top-to-bottom re-think.

              Realistically, Space Mountain is the only thing that should be kept in Tomorrowland.

              Hopefully Star Tours can be moved to Galaxy's Edge in the expansion pad space (maybe below or above the restaurant they never built?). Star Tours is still one of Disney's most iconic and beloved rides. It needs to be preserved, IMO. I think the galactic tourism idea still works well for Galaxy's Edge. It's an outlying planet, so many people that live there may not have been to places in the other parts of the galaxy. Disney would need to remove the references to the original trilogy, and maybe some of the specific character references (I.E. Kylo Ren), but the ride itself could still be kept more or less intact. Or Disney could simply use the black-hole or space anomaly route of having your ship accidentally slip through into a moment from the past, and thereby keep the show scenes more or less intact.

              I've heard that Autopia has to do some serious soil remediation due to contamination from the gasoline used for the ride. So if Disney ever touches that area they will likely have to completely gut the entire area, removing the rides and cleaning or replacing the soil. That's a pretty expensive prospect, so Disney would need to have an INCREDIBLE plan to replace it. (Disney may be legally required to do this anyway at some point.)

              Personally, I'm with the people that don't want Tron here. Having a land that basically consists of two roller-coasters and not much else really doesn't sound like a great idea. I think Disney REALLY blew it by putting Star Wars and Marvel elsewhere. Both of those (Marvel in particular) would have been perfect fits to replace Tomorrowland. As it is, Disney is now stuck with a fundamentally broken land that will likely cost them billions of dollars to fix (code issues, hazardous material cleanup, etc), and they don't have any franchise to replace it with that will bring in enough money to earn back those billions of dollars. Disney desperately needs the kind of merchandising opportunities brought by a franchise like Star Wars or Marvel to earn back the billions of dollars invested in Tomorrowland.


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                Any attraction for WALL-E?


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                  I find it interesting that you would remove the Tomorrowland Train Station. It tends to be one of my favorites, as it is tucked quietly into a peaceful corner, where you can sit and relax, there are a set of bathrooms right there, in case you're riding back to Main Street USA but need to stop to use the bathroom, and it's where you get on if you only want to ride 1/4 of the loop and wish to see the dinosaurs. It's an intriguing concept, removing this station..
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                    What I really like regarding the Original Poster's ideas:
                    -B&B attraction replacing the Fantasyland theater

                    -Rethemed Tomorrowland Train Station

                    -Tron Canopy

                    -Monorail track themed to Arendelle, (though I would have the track go through the Tron Ride, instead of around.)

                    What I find detracting or not working:

                    -The size of the Frozen ride footprint is way too big. It would likely be only a 1/3 of the size.

                    -While it would fit Arendelle better, I wouldn't be pleased with a rethemed Matterhorn. I worry that the ride would get "toned down" if rethemed(i.e, lower speed, more braking).

                    -Tron Basement Idea is not that feasible, since
                    D-Land is in Earthquake country. 1 floor underground, is likely doable. Up to 3 floors underground, is not going to get county clearance.

                    Nice ideas overall. Like to hear more about New Fantasyland.
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