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  • [Question] Disney Parks Funko Pop

    Hi you guys I really love all the Disney Parks Funko Pop theme, my favorite is The Haunted Mansion and the Disneyland Castle Funko Pop. It would be cool if they did a main street electrical parade funko pop. What are your guy's favorite Disney Park Funko Pop and what do you guys would like to see from the Disney Park turn into a funko Pop?

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    I didn’t think much of these at all until they started making ride vehicles. Those are the ones i’ve actually picked up and like.

    my favorite ones that i have are the doom buggy, Jungle cruise boat, and matterhorn bobsled. I’ve got the Mr. Toad’s wild ride car coming and that one looks to be pretty cool.

    Some that would be cool to see:

    BTMRR locomotive and passenger car.
    DLRR locomotive, side facing passenger car and the lily belle.
    Skyway Bucket (either style would be cool, but my personal nostalgia is with the later style)
    Starspeeder 1000 / 3000
    Space Mountain car
    The Mark Twain


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      I didn't even know these ride vehicle funko existed. That Donald in the Matterhorn bobsled is the cutest thing! I like the OP's idea for MSEP Funko too.
      "I wish they all could be California Bears!"


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        I have almost all the Parks pop figures, though I keep my collection (mostly) limited to no more than 1 per character so I don't get the variants often. I think my favorite from this recent wave for the 65th is probably the Peter Pan's Flight or the Castle. But, my favorite overall up to now is the Indiana Jones ride vehicle.

        What I would still love to see are: some MSEP, Thunder Mountain engine + car w/ CM, Space Mt, Tower of Terror Bellhop, Small World facade, Small World boat with some of the dolls (There is one in the dorbz line, the second never got released), maybe a Grizzly River Run, Ariel in the TLM ride vehicle, and lastly, both the Partners and Storytellers statues
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