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I made a very basic model of the Christmas Fantasy Parade opening float


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  • [Pictures] I made a very basic model of the Christmas Fantasy Parade opening float

    So, I collect Funko figures and love coming up with creative ways to display them. A couple months ago I finally picked up Clara from Nutcracker and the Four Realms, and when trying to decide how to display it, I landed on "model of the opening float from Christmas Fantasy Parade". It is easily my favorite parade at any of the parks, any time of year, and using Clara in place of the Ballerina seemed like a natural fit. Sadly I don't have any small enough teddy bears, music boxes, or older books that I would have been ok with using, so instead, I used a mostly burned down candle, a plain cardboard base, and some spare bits of firm tree/garland/wreath material that I had lying around. The figure is no glued to the base like everything else is.

    The next float recreation I'll be doing is the Gingerbread House float using the Funko Hollywood exclusive Chef Goofy (a friend picked it up for me while they were in LA last week), and Max, as that was my favorite iteration of that particular float, the "father and son building a gingerbread house". The image quality for that picture isn't the greatest since it is from the only time I've ever been to the parks for Christmas, back in 2004.
    Trips coming up:

    May 22-26th
    July 13th-18th
    November 19th-25th

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    Sounds like it will be interesting! Keep us posted!
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