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Haunted Mansion 3D Ghost Tour (PLEASE HELP!)


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  • Haunted Mansion 3D Ghost Tour (PLEASE HELP!)

    I posted this to the Walt Disney film forum board due to this being related to the Haunted Mansion movie, but I believe you all on the Disneyland forum could help me more.

    Hey everyone, I created account for this one question that has been burning in my head for months about what may be one of the most obscure pieces of Haunted Mansion history.

    So a few months back, I was bored, searching up pictures of old HMH gingerbread houses when I came across a photo of a walk-through HM exhibit titled "The Haunted Mansion 3D Ghost Tour". Intrigued, I searched it up specifically into google hoping to find more. I only found one other picture of the display from an angle(both displayed below), but they both came from the same website, which had described the exhibit in greater detail. The exhibit turned out to be a 2003 Halloween night special event in Grand Central Station in NYC, a one night only promotion for the upcoming movie. The article detailed the exhibit as such:

    "On Friday, October 31, Disney went all out and turned New York City’s Grand Central Station into a haunted mansion. Actually it was a 3D “ghost tour”. Guests were given special 3D glasses and were allowed to roam throughout the mansion, concentrating on the red objects. Special appearances were made by Maleficent, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, and a few spooky characters that were still getting their make-up applied. Props were plentiful surrounding the mansion heavily promoting Disney’s holiday film The Haunted Mansion. It looks like it’s gonna be a winner. At the end of the tour, you were given the opportunity to have your photo taken with the 3 talking ghost busts and were given a goody bag stuffed with a trick-or-treat bag, poster, postcard, coupons for the Haunted Mansion Xbox game, stickers and a chance to win a trip to New Orleans to see the actual Haunted Mansion. There were also several Xbox stations where players could try out the Haunted Mansionvideo game. Like I said, Disney went all out and did a great job at that."

    Besides this description, there were the two previously mentioned photos, as well as another showing two posters for the movie(also below). My burning question is if anyone has/is able to find any more pictures of this exhibit, if anybody can help describe the exhibit in further detail, or can show the merchandise given out? On top of that, does anyone have photos of the characters, the talking ghost busts, or pictures of the promotion to win a trip to the real Haunted Mansion? There are things that aren't so mysterious, such as the lightning bolt flashes on the walls or the Xbox stations tucked away in the back, but there is so much more to be known. This is such an untouched subject, and any info found would really help uncover the mysteries behind this exhibit. I don't want this to become a piece of lost media history, so if you can help at all please reply!



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