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Any guesses on what ticket & hotel rooms will cost once the park opens back up?


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  • Any guesses on what ticket & hotel rooms will cost once the park opens back up?

    The vaccine is now going out to the first wave of those in need. Current estimates by experts on the timeline of the vaccine given to everyone who wants seems to point to end of summer 2021. If this is true there is high likely hood Disney would be able to open the park back up by say September. I have been told by several Medical personnel that there will likely be mask requirements even once the public is vaccinated for a period to ensure herd immunity is created. During this period though they expect many restrictions lifted minus mask mandates. So my question is has anyone heard any rumors or statements on what Disney plans to do on pricing for ticket sales and hotel rooms rates? Will they assume demand will be super high after a period of closure and decide to gouge the guests to quickly dig out of the hole? Or will they be conscious of peoples hesitancy and keep prices the same or lower to entice the public to create momentum? Or C?

    Last time I remember average basic rooms were starting around $550 - $750 per night depending on which resort. This is isa huge price increase from 5 years previous ( almost double in some instances ) Magic morning was as of last year a bit of a joke now that they allowed multi-day ticket holders and some others to be included more so then just those staying on site. ( used to be a perk of staying on site now the Magic morning rush kills the benefit.)

    Single Day tickets for a park hopper where also dramatically hiked up annually over the past 5 years.

    I would normally lean toward Disney choosing to gouge gouge gouge as that is now their brand, but seeing the stories of WDW having peaks and valleys of attendance and downtown Disney cycling from epic crowds to ghost towns I am sure Disney execs are little cautious on their strategy.

    Anyone have anything to add?
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    The price depends on how the US economy is doing upon reopening. My guess is that prices will be near WDW's current prices.

    I don't see Disneyland remaining close until next September, which is a bit extreme in my opinion. I think February/March is a possibility.

    Mandatory masks in public are recommended until 'heard immunity' can be achieved, which basically means at least 70% of the population vaccinated.
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      Initial pricing might be high but as time goes on prices will likely come down for overnight guests, after the initial rush, as demand for overnight stays on property is not what they expected. Overall attendance will likely be down for several years. Especially for guests staying on property.


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        The vaccine isn't going to start becoming available to the general public until March/April. Given the 2 doses necessary several weeks apart, and the amount of people which will need to be vaccinated to achieve something approaching herd immunity, I can't see the parks being open until mid-summer.

        Ironic as it may seem, the date Disneyland originally announced it was re-opening, could end up being the date they open. Only it will be a complete year apart. I'd say it would take an optimal situation for the parks to be open by Memorial Day. I'm sure Disney will push for it, and it's certainly possible. But July 17, 2021, is certainly achievable I feel. It would enable them to salvage half of the summer, and by October, could hopefully be allowed to increase capacity, in time for Halloween & the Holiday Season.

        As for prices, I wouldn't necessarily expect them to gouge the consumer, especially for something that wasn't anyone's fault. They want to get people back to the parks, and they want to sell hotel rooms. The money will start coming in. One thing you probably won't see for awhile, are deals on tickets. It may be 2023 before there's a So Cal Ticket offer, but of course, a lot will have to do with the economy, and whether the non-hard core Disney parkgoers return in large enough #'s, but I expect they will.

        I feel like the earliest we'll see the return of Parades or Fireworks, is the 2021 Holiday Season. But it may very well not be until the start of the following Summer, around May 2022. A lot will depend upon how "back to normal" we have become due to the vaccines.


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          To the best of my knowledge WDW didn't do a price hike when they reopened last summer nor have they hiked prices since then. I think DL will follow suit. That being said I think there will be price hikes just as soon as they can get away with it, PR wise.
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