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O Disneyland I miss you so!


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  • [Other] O Disneyland I miss you so!

    Oh my darling Disneyland, I have missed you more then words can tell. It has been nearly a year since I last laid my eyes on you.

    If I could only have known what I know now, that I wouldn’t have seen you for this many moons I would have savored the moments instead of complained about the trivial issues.

    All I want to do is to see you again and to sit near you on a bench under a tree in Main Street, to close my eyes and listen to the sounds of the children and the music echoing down the way.

    To hear the clanging of the distant bell and the announcement from the station platform. Oh what I would give just to be in your arms right now, your embrace sheltering me from the storm which rages around us. For within your berm I know I am safe.

    What I would give right now to see the Gunnery Sergeant retiring the flag at the Main Street square and honoring our veterans, What I would give to hear your magnificent band playing our National Anthem. What I would give to watch Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln and to remember all those who came before us.

    To walk along your paths and to sing like the birdies sing in the tropical paradise. To traverse the waterways of the rivers of America and to ride on the Steamship
    Mark Twain, to hear the puffs of the chimneys as the boiler breaths out steam while the paddle wheel churns the mighty river.

    Oh my Disneyland, I love you so. I wish I could take back all the times I complained and whined about how your were being mistreated. I wish I could have just done more to enjoy the moments we had when we were together. All I want is for us to be reunited again, safe within your berm. protected and sheltered from the storms of this crazy world.

    Someday Soon I hope we can all be together again, healthy and safe, celebrating your beauty and your joy you bring to all those who come to this happy place.

    I love you. I miss you.
    Thank you for everything.

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