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  • Indiana Jones Effect Question

    I was reading a reddit thread about all of the broken effects on Indie, but read about this effect that I have never noticed before. I then watched a bunch of YouTube videos to confirm and it is indeed there.

    It's not one of the bigger visuals, but when Indiana Jones is trying to close the Gates of Doom, there is a light that looks like the animatronic's shadow that is on until you get closer to it. It's actually just a static gelled light.

    My question is what exactly is its purpose? It seems that it's important enough that they've maintained the effect, but I'm not sure what it adds to the visuals and the overall imagery.

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    I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be like Raiders of the Lost Ark/Kingdom of the Crystal Skull where it's just the silhouette of Indy before he is revealed. If that makes sense


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      It's funny that you bring this up because this is one of my favorite effects on Indy (I didn't even think it would be considered an EFFECT, to be honest)!

      The whole scene where the car approaches Indiana Jones holding the door (lightning flashes towards his silhouette, the glow from behind the doors) is aesthetically my cup of tea. It has never gotten old no matter how simple it is.

      And then the music ramping up... I don't want to nerd out, but that is some Disney magic.


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