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  • Bartonhen
    I can only tell you what I received for mine. So here it goes:

    (4) Flex passes with max pass option purchased for $699 each (pretty sure).

    My passes were purchased on September 11th and then frozen March 14th (I believe?) along with everyone else's.

    I requested a refund around September 6th as I knew they were about to expire and technically extend automatically per the letter Disney sent out.

    I received my refund December 8th for $363.48 per pass. So if I am doing the math the refund amounts to about 52% of my original purchase price which correlates pretty well to the amount of time my pass was technically in effect (September 11 - March 14). I don't know how Disney takes into account days that were blocked out with the Flex Pass but I was expecting to get about $1400 for the 4 passes and received a little more than that. So I was pleased in the end.

    Hopefully this helps somewhat.

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  • CastMember 02
    started a topic Refund Calculator

    Refund Calculator

    Has anyone cracked the cryptic code to figure out Pass refunds?

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