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    Disneyland, with no hesitation. While my children don't remember life pre-DCA (my oldest was barely 2 when it opened), I most certainly do. The first "photos of me" at Disneyland are from when my mom was pregnant with me. But I'd wager even my husband and kids will say Disneyland. DCA can wait.


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      The spirit of "Walt Disney" is more so at Disneyland
      another reason, I still enjoy the park imo
      Soaring like an EAGLE !


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        No brainer...DL! By far the more superior park :-)


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          In my life
          I been lucky....
          That Disneyland and Knott's
          have been in my backyard !
          And I still think of Knott's Berry Farm , as my 2nd park
          (Not DCA) I like the way , the two" WALT's " work together!
          Soaring like an EAGLE !


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            Originally posted by TacAlert View Post

            YOu didn't read the post. No park hopping. haha.

            DCA all day...
            I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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              Main Street? Disneyland Railroad? Walt's Apartment? Pirates? Haunted Mansion? Indiana Jones? BTMRR? Corn Dogs?

              No question Disneyland.


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                Disneyland. There is no substitute.

                Sell "DISNEYLAND FIRST DAY BACK! [DATE, 2021]" T-shirts, sweatshirts, mouse ears, pins etc. This and the steeper admission price will help make up for not packing the place. And the long-term effects from the great publicity from NOT having the park be super crowded would make up for not having 25K more guests miserably filling every inch of the resort.

                For the next six days they could sell "First week back!" merchandise.

                Admission could be $249 for the first day ($209 for DCA--the only day with a price difference) & $199 for the rest of the week at both parks and cap Disneyland each day at 40,000 for that park (DCA at 30K? I don't know.) to make it nicer for all. Make that first day a really party and --without advertising/promising this-- hand out thousands of free mini-popcorn cups or mini-Dole Whips. A coupon for those who enter for those who enter before 11am could get them one or the other.

                I wouldn't really go that first week, but Disney needs a cash infusion. Advanced sale tickets only. When these days sell out some will say "Disney was stupid to not charge more," but the sold out parks will be the best theme park publicity since Cartmanland's "You can't come!" policy or when the U.S. government told USSR leader Khruschev he couldn't visit and he and reportedly had an internationally publicized full-meltdown tantrum. Disneyland tickets might sell out in 40 minutes like a Springsteen concert in the 1980s. That's more free publicity. Promotion with OPM, baby! Other People's Money.

                Stay open late, especially on weekends.

                Have the Golden Horseshoe review going (as it briefly was for the 50th) with Kirk & a required BBQ lunch.

                Have Baby Yoda drive Darth Vador away and down at the end of Jedi Training. The Jedi Master could have a fake arm with a real hand operating the puppet.

                Have a cast member in the knight costume in the Haunted Mansion. A friend of mine did this when he was a character in the 1980s.

                If possible on opening day, have three mermaids out on the (higher) rocks in the Submarine Voyage lagoon, at least for the first hour on one Saturday (open the subs after that hour) because the viral photos will be worth hundreds of thousands in publicity.

                While I'm being unrealistic, make Captain Hook a face character! Have him argue with Jack Sparrow in and around the steps above the POTC entrance & yell at boats from the Blue Bayou or as the boat passes through at the narrow cave.

                Before the first day back for the public, have the park open in the afternoons & evenings for cast member parties for three days. Put them first and the'yll give the guests the best treatment. In 1983 they had an excellent cast member party for us with free stuff when the improved Fantasyland re-opened. This will be an opportunity to reboot & dramatically boost CM morale! Bob Chapek, spend this whole first week "on vacation" at the Disneyland Resort. Only go to your room to sleep, and try to learn the names of hundreds of cast members.
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                  I haven't been to Disneyland since 1993 so I'm going to Disneyland.
                  Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.


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