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[Survey!] Study on Disneyland Resort's Annual Pass Holder Program


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  • [Survey!] Study on Disneyland Resort's Annual Pass Holder Program

    Hello all!

    My name is Hannah MacDonald and I am a student at Cornell University taking a class in marketing research. I am an avid Disney fan and wanted to do my research topic on Disneyland's decision to sunset the annual pass program. This is the first of three studies on Disneyland that I will be doing for that class. This survey is about your use of theme parks and annual passes.

    This survey contains 14 different questions and should take less than 5 minutes to fill out. The survey is completely voluntary - you do not have to answer any questions you don't want to.

    I am not affiliated with the Disneyland resort or the Walt Disney Company in any way. Nor will this information be shared with the company.

    The link is here to take it! Thank you all to those who are willing to participate!


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    I've definitely had to do my share of survey field work during my student research days. Pay it back, I always say.


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      Wishing you well on the Survey Hannah! Taking it right now. And will you be able to share any results with us when it’s done?
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        Interesting survey. But I don't think I'm eligible because I'm a Cast Member.


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          I couldn't get the survey to load......I'll try again later.


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            Reminds me of my anthropology classes: interviewing Grandma, writing reports about speech acts, cognition, mythology and phonological be young and smart again...
            I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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              I took the survey. Good luck, Hannah!


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                Originally posted by micromind View Post
                I couldn't get the survey to load......I'll try again later.
                It worked this time.

                Best of luck to you!


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