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Absents of the parks...makes the love stronger or makes the heart wonder?


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    My desire is about the same but it really has nothing to do with the closure or the pandemic. I haven't been since 2018 and was planning a trip for 2020 (2019 was a WDW year) with my son.

    My son has a new job (hence, no vacation days for at least a year or more) and my usual partner in crime (my 'Disney Sister' as I call her) is no longer able to go. Any future trips would likely be solo and honestly, that's just not my cup of tea. So rather than my usual weeklong extravaganza, chances are it'll be a one or two day ticket. Maybe I'll be able to entice my daughter in law for a longer trip. She hasn't been since she was a child and says she'd like to go but even that won't be the same as going with a true Disney fan like my younger son or Disney Sister.
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      Originally posted by Ttgal4 View Post

      I’m glad you didn’t get tired of visiting up until your daughter’s 3rd birthday.
      From September of 2006 through 2007 we went often, once three times in one week, almost always on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays. It was MUCH less crowded back then, and --I've written this before-- I'm pretty sure that about 6 of the top ten happiest days of my life were from those visits, and many other days in my top 50 happiest days of my life were from those trips till she was about seven. I was fortunate that I got to take a 15-month sabbatical off of work to help raise our daughter.

      Here's a tip I often share on Micechat: my daughter was selected from the audience about 9 times we attended Jedi Training, because on an unfolded manilla filing folder I'd written for her, "I want to be a JEDI, not a princess!" The one time she wasn't picked, she'd let her friend hold the sign & her friend was selected. Once they pointed out that she could be both a princess & a Jedi, & mentioned a Star Wars character who was both. (I don't really care about the character's name. )
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        Originally posted by linkeq2001 View Post

        The last few years was probably poor wording on my part, when we are looking at numbers over ten-twenty or thirty years. The same can be said in terms of television, including streaming which sees the key demographic shifting older as well. It's a slow creep, though we are likely to see it tip in the next few years as younger generations now grow up immersed in new media like tiktok and youtube right from when they are born and also have older brothers, sisters, aunts, and uncles that have also grown up with it. 2008 is the starting point, facebook and youtube started to become somewhat mainstream. Anyone born a little before that time or after will have experienced the PewDiPie's and Logan Paul's of the world more so than the Mickey and Friends.

        The whole Disney is "childish" thing is a symptom of this as well. Think back to many of our childhoods, even someone in their early 30s was likely only marginally exposed to lots of things online, because it was harder to access at a computer with parents around etc etc rather than constantly being connected to a mobile device. Children today are constantly connected to one another and are constantly socialized by other kids, there are no breaks like there were even a decade ago when you went home and were connected more to your parents and what they were showing you than friends. The result, instead of being shown Cinderella, Toy Story etc. etc. kids are watching TikTok challenges.
        I agree that all of those trends are true. However, I'd add the concepts of magnitude and proportions. Yes, streaming (Netflix and Disney+) and user-generated content (youtube & Tik Tok) are increasing, but it's not the only thing that people watch. It's share of total hours are increasing, but total hours of screen time are increasing across all forms of media. User generated content isn't a substitute for traditional media. Stories and quality content are always going to be in demand in some shape or form.

        You mention kids being shown Tik Tok and not Toy Story. This is somewhat true, but not entirely. Some kids won't watch Disney movies anymore. Some will still watch them, but watch them less. Total hours viewing Disney may go down, but it's not going to disappear. It's likely that Disney goes from a titanic media empire to something smaller, but they'll still be a perfectly healthy competitor in a vast entertainment marketplace.


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          I have no plans return, ever. If I were invited to Candlelight, I would consider it. Not sure if the changes made over the past 30 years would be good for my soul. I do have an idea however- offer a tour: after closing where you just walk the park with a guide, no rides, no noise of people, do a midnight meal, watch the graveyard crew doing their thing...I would do that.


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