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  • Virtual Temple of the Forbidden Eye

    Hi Everybody, I spent most of last year working on a Virtual version of the Temple of the Forbidden Eye Attraction. I’m doing this as a Fan Tribute to the attraction, but I am also making some changes to a few scenes so it’s more of my personal reimagining and love letter to the attraction.
    I'll be posting more videos and images over the summer as I finalize each section of the attraction. Feel free to follow the project on YouTube and Facebook for more information.


    The first production video following the Development of the Virtual Temple of the Forbidden Eye project. This is a fan tribute recreation of the popular Indi...

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    Looks awesome
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      Do you have any plans for a VR version?


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        Very cool! Keep us posted; I can't wait to see the finished product!
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          Originally posted by Bill Cousert View Post
          Do you have any plans for a VR version?
          Yes, I currently have it running on my home system with the Oculus Rift. I'll have videos out evetnually of the full ride through. I'm looking into how I can share a full VR version as a free "Fan Tribute" for other fans to enjoy. I'll make more posts on this forum when I have new content to showcase.


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            One of my favorite attractions. Looks great so far.
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