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Touch of Disney Q's - Gate Opening Time? Food Order Delays?


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  • [Question] Touch of Disney Q's - Gate Opening Time? Food Order Delays?

    For those who have gone to Touch of Disney...

    What time does the DCA gate actually open? Disney website says 12:00pm, but another thread here I read someone saying 11:30am? What time do they actually let you into DCA?

    We are planning on Parking at the Anaheim Hotel and taking the Micechat $10 deal (thanks for arranging that Micechat!). I presume the "free" parking at the Mickey structure is still causing a long delay in getting to the gate?

    Are the mobile food orders still taking 1-2 hours as I read was happening the opening weekend of ToD?

    We are going tomorrow - should be fun after a long year of Disneyland being closed!

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    Went last Friday and had a great time - details here...
    Hi everyone! Touch of Disney started today - if you were one of the lucky people to go today, please share what you thought of the experience. Are there any things you would do differently, lines to avoid, favorite dishes or dishes you didn't like? Anything I should know before I go next week? Thanks!


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