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  • Ticket Linked To App Question

    So I had a friend who purchased my Disneyland tickets because she passed through the queue faster than I did. However, I realized she was also the one who had to make my reservation as the ticket was linked to her account (we are going at different times).

    I have both the barcode and QR code for the ticket and reservation. When I tried to link the tickets to my account either by scanning the barcode or manually entering the ID, I would get an error mentioning the ticket was already linked to another account.

    Does anyone know if there is a way to get it linked to my account instead? I am mostly concerned about getting Rise of the Resistance boarding passes. Alternatively, is there a way to get ROTR passes without the app (which I would not prefer as I want to be able to at least try the 7am chance)?

    I have tried calling and e-mailing Disney, but have not received an answer/couldn't get through.

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    If your friend unlinks your ticket from her account through the app then you’ll probably be able to link it to yours.
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      Originally posted by Quentin View Post
      If your friend unlinks your ticket from her account through the app then you’ll probably be able to link it to yours.
      we have a similar situation; unfortunately I don't see any option on the app to "unlink" a ticket!
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        Same situation here. I sent a chat in the Disneyland app to a CM with this question, and will let you know if I find anything out.


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          So, my first post. I had the same issue. Supposedly your friend can unlink the tickets but maybe you have to do it online. I couldn't figure it out. I called the Disney number and waited on hold while I was doing other work. The whole process from hold to finished took about an hour. Disney is going to ask for the confirmation number and then the ticket numbers and address the tickets were attached to and you will have to have the person that bought them authorize unlinking the tickets. I had Disney on one phone and my friend that bought them on another phone both on speaker and they were able to talk to each other for the approval. The Disney rep stayed on the line while I made this phone call. I actually had to do it a couple of times and Disney is very patient. Once unlinked, the Disney rep tried to link them to my account but that wasn't working. So I asked to just unlink them and then I was able to scan them using the app. I needed to do this to get the tickets to make the reservation. Not sure if it is more complicated once the reservation is already made. Hope this helps.


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            I received the following response in chat using the Disneyland app. I have time to see if the problem is resolved.

            "There is currently an issue with linking tickets to more than one account. IT is working on a resolution. If you would like the tickets linked manually, please call 714-781-4636."


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              I think there is confusion on adding tickets for ROTR versus reserving reservations for the park. If you are linking the ticket to make a reservation, then she shouldn’t have to unlink anything if its not for a park reservation.

              i had the same concern about the ride reservations.

              OP: If you are concerned about ROTR reservations, you can still link the tickets to your account in the way my boyfriend did (I made the reservations but we linked the tickets to his account because his phone is new and does not bug out like mines does):

              1. I booked the parks reservations and thus the park tickets showed on my app automatically. If your friend booked the park reservations, then she should see them on her Disneyland app by tapping the menu button on the bottom right corner>> tickets and passes. There, the tickets are displayed.

              2. You, OP, must also login in on the App and likewise tap the menu button and go to tickets and passes. Tap the the plus sign on the upper right corner. Click link tickets and passes and then using the camera function the app opens, scan/take a pic of your friends phone (the tickets from her app).

              This will link them to you. You cannot control the park reservations (for example my boyfriend cannot cancel my reservations), but because you have the ticket/ linked to your account, you should be able to make ROTR reservations since that is what the system will look for.
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                I had a difficult time linking my tickets to the app as well. I actually messaged customer service through the app with the ticket ID's and all information needed and in about a day or so they replied back and took care of it. Hope this helps.


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                  would it be best if daughter put the Disneyland app on her phone as well? I downloaded mine about a month and a half ago, but we're not planning to go until later in the year...I really not used to using my phone as a ticket either, so it's going to be a challenge no matter what time we visit Disneyland...
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