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If Disney Released a California Adventure Only Pass...


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  • If Disney Released a California Adventure Only Pass...

    Would you buy one?

    From looking at reservation availability and videos of the parks, California Adventure is really empty. Im sure this has Disney looking into getting more people to go. Im sure annual passes are being fasttracked in some capacity. What if Disney starts out with a California Adventure only pass. Would you buy one?

    California Adventure was always a bonus for me and never made a difference as far as buying an annual pass. I often never stepped foot in their when Id go to Disneyland (sometimes Id go to walkthrough Grizzly Peak, so beautiful) so I wouldnt get the pass and it wouldnt make a difference if it was included in a Disneyland annual pass. What about you guys?

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    No, I’d pass if it was on its own. It’s not a full day park and I only like some of the rides. Yes, it had a major makeover, but it should never have come to that. It should have been done right the first time with the same charm and care given to its sister park. It closes 2-3 hrs earlier than Disneyland due to the noise ordinance and closes even earlier than that for special ticket events. Half of the rides shut down at night for World of Color. I remember when it first opened how people went one time and immediately back to Disneyland. It was always the park to go and get away from the Disneyland crowds for a bit.


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      I wouldn't be opposed to this so long as it was MUCH cheaper than a regular annual pass, as while I like California Adventure, it just doesn't have the repeatability as Disneyland. There are certain attractions I do a lot, like Soarin' and Toy Story Mania, but I don't often stay until closing like I do at Disneyland. If Disney releases the new annual pass this year like they say they will I'll probably wait for that.
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        Entirely depends on the cost.


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          [QUOTE=HairyChest;n8636882]Would you buy one? ...

          I wouldn't buy one,
          but I imagine this could appeal to some younger adults over 21 who have some extra $ & live within 5 miles of Disneyland
          who'd like to have a beautiful, fun place to go for overpriced drinks on weekends.

          But would Disney want this park clogged with the same locals every weekend?

          Maybe if DCA passes were sold allowing 5 visits within a year (guests using up these visits could then buy another 5-visits pass if
          they could afford it
          ), and maybe different priced passes could offer perks like parking, discounts, and a few -- (VERY few, like one
          attraction per day average)
          -- Fastpasses.
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            Originally posted by jcruise86 View Post
            who'd like to have a beautiful, fun place to go for overpriced drinks on weekends.
            I feel attacked.

            I'm kidding, of course, because despite possibly preferring DCA over Disneyland some days (which I know is a sin and I should be cleansed sometime before I die), I don't think I would purchase a pass. I think that's what the food festivals are for. They tend to do well generating the traffic on their own.


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              nope not worth the value to me...+ driving, taking time off work, food, gas just ride a handful of rides


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                I believe they did release a DCA only pass a few years ago through Costco. If I recall it didn't do very well and was discontinued. Honestly DCA should have a much lower admission cost. It is a good park but it's no way comparable to Disneyland in value or anything else.


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                  I wouldn’t do DCA exclusive passport. It not enough for me to want to stay their exclusively.


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                    Originally posted by HairyChest View Post
                    Would you buy one?
                    No. While I enjoy the park, I preferred the direction they were going in 2012. Had they stopped after the reimagining of Condor Flats into Grizzly Peak Airfield, and kept Soarin' Over California, Over California, I'd say yes, now I would get a Calfornia Adventure only pass. DCA in my opinion, after going in the right direction from 2012-2015, has been slowly back to declining in overall quality since Soarin' was changed. So, for now, NO, I would not get a Disney California Adventure only annual pass.

                    To each their own, I guess, I just prefer the 2015 DCA we had versus the present DCA.

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                      The only specific DCA fanbase I can remember were the "kids" camping out at the Mad T Party stage to get a good location for those nightly shows. Give them something like that now and you might sell a few of those passes, but probably just a few.

                      I think Disney is probably okay with the current attendance, though. Disneyland doesn't seem to be having trouble reaching its lower capacity (one park tickets are selling out) and DCA has always been the "whatever" park, so they'll take whatever attendance DCA brings, but not try to make any substantial effort to boost it.


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