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What Time Should I Arrive at Security Check for 9:00am Opening?


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  • What Time Should I Arrive at Security Check for 9:00am Opening?

    I am excited. Got tickets and reservations for this Saturday with my family!

    Questions for those who have gone in recently...

    With a 9:00am opening what time should we plan on getting to the security check on Harbor Blvd? (we are staying at the JW Marriott, so we'll be walking over from there)?

    And what would the best time to plan for lunch? I've read all of Dusty's updates and it seems that mid-afternoon may have the longest ride waits. So is it better to maximize ride time up till 1:00ish and break for lunch between 1:15 and 2:30?

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    If you really want to cram everything I’d get in the lines around 7:30. They have been opening the parks earlier and at random times. I went Friday, Sat, Sun, Monday and they opened up at different times each day. Friday 8:50, Saturday 8:15, Sunday 8:30 and Monday around 8:30. They open up a few rides at that time, I know Peter Pan and Haunted were open early when I was there. I also noticed the parks got busy at 1 but dropped off significantly again around 7pm.

    I got in line around 7ish while my family got ready the later days so we weren’t all waiting in the temperature lines.

    I went for 4 days without park hoppers and felt I had too much time even with a youngester in tow. Even at 1 there were still rides with short lines.


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      Zurg That is very helpful - thank you!


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