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When will Fastpass return?


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  • [Question] When will Fastpass return?

    Any inklings? Any hints? Any insider scoops? Or do I just use my vast personal wealth to purchase Disneyland and grant myself unlimited Fast Passes?

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    This opinion article touches on some interesting stuff that I hadn't noticed before, and theorizes that Disney is reworking its Fastpass system.

    Are Fast Passes Coming Back to Disney Parks Soon? All Signs Point to Yes (posted June 12, 2021)

    There are rumors swirling around from credible sources that Disney is workshopping the idea of a premium pass that would be an added cost and provide guests with front of thee line access, similar to Universal Theme Park’s Express Pass. In the Disney Parks rumor mill this is being described as a ‘lightning pass.’ We have no information that this will actually come to the parks, it is strictly a rumor.

    Aside from standby and fast pass, there is one more option for crowd management that Disney is currently using and will certainly expand, that is virtual boarding groups.

    TL;DR: There are indications that FastPass could be making a return soon, but there's also a possibility that it may be getting re-worked and will come back slightly different than before.

    This is all hearsay, of course. Disney hasn't announced anything officially regarding FastPass. If Disney cares about the guest experience, they would listen to the overwhelming feedback and not bring it back (but they will because $$$). Maybe current CMs have an insider scoop, but for now, it's anyone's guess.


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      I'm not going to lie. The current FP system is unfair in that if you know how to use the system really well it can be fantastic and if you don't well it is just so-so. That being said though, everyone has the opportunity to read up on it and use it in a way that benefits them the best. I really don't like the upsell fastpass tickets, in fact I absolutely hate them as it completely attaches your enjoyment of the park to how much money you can spend. Yes sure there are some things like that now: buying a concierge or tour, upcharge seated tickets for shows, parades, and fireworks, but these are either extravagant or only touch on a small part of the theme park experience. A fastpass ticket is fundamental to the actual day's experience and if they are priced aggressively like Uni's they add a massive amount of cost to a theme park day.

      Last I remember as well , if Disney decides to copy Universal closely the ticket also only grants "front of line" to each attraction once, taking a lot of the spontaneity out of the day. My wife loves Indy, there have been days on past trips when we have FP that ride three times a day, which when combined with early entry and leaving near closing meant we had virtually zero wait on a favorite attraction five times. Could not do that under a hypothetical new system (which I know may or may not exist)

      There's also the dreaded FP+ syndrome I know this board dreaded when MyMagic+ rumours swirled. If you have a hard ticket FP upgrade you need to make fans think it's worthwhile. This may mean adding Fastpass lines to lots of attractions that currently do not have them in order to create perceived value. Haunted Mansion FP even on a slow day? Added. POTC FP all the time, yep. Small Word; Alice, Subs, Peter Pan, Dumbo? the list could go on....I would dread that.


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        I hope MaxPass comes back. I also hope Magic Morning comes back. I love to get an early start each day in the park, and those two features made for an enjoyable day.


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          Originally posted by Tomorrowland67 View Post
          I hope MaxPass comes back. I also hope Magic Morning comes back. I love to get an early start each day in the park, and those two features made for an enjoyable day.
          We used to love magic mornings when we stayed on site but the last two times we regretted getting up for it as DLR now allowed anyone with a multi-day ticket to enjoy magic morning as well so the instead of an hour of a wide open park your lucky if your first in line and get 10 minutes. The last day of our last staycation we just slept in because we knew magic morning was no longer magic.

          I am in the camp of those that feel FP/MP though very effective when used properly is also something that makes normal wait times longer and would prefer not feeling the need to monitor my time so aggressively for my windows etc.

          I also fear DLR going to the Universal System which far more expensive an add on than Maxpass was. $100 per year per person wasn't too much to ask if your going several times but Universals pricing has a day at the park with Express costing as much as double the normal ticket cost for a single day. We are planning on going later this year and have zero interest in Express because the price is too exploitive.

          If Disney uses the same formula we will forgo this as well and if this lowers our experience enough when combined with VQ's and other forced interaction then DLR may be something we remember fondly but no longer visit.
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