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  • Advice to speak to an actual person?

    I’m so frustrated. Been a passholder since 2009. Our son turned 3 December 2019 and we’d previously had success in our favor (discount-wise) turning a multi-day ticket into a pass. So my veteran in-laws bought him a military 4-day park hopper. We were able to use it once before the park shut down.

    So here’s the thing—this ticket didn’t have to be used within 13 days. It expired December 2020. (Now it expires December 2021.) As passholders that was incredibly convenient. We figured on the 4th trip we’d upgrade to a pass.

    Fast forward to now, we’d have to buy regular tickets to take him before his ticket expires. Any multi-day ticket we buy would have to be used within 13 days, so if we didn’t take off work, we’d have to go twice in one weekend, which means a hotel. So my wife and I are looking at $740 plus one hotel night to finish my son’s ticket. And the frustrating thing is it turns HIS ticket into a 13-day limit because, at 4, he can’t take himself. That’s not the ticket we bought.

    So I’ve been trying to contact Disney to see what we can do. Can we get tickets to match his expiration date? Can we exchange his three days for three 1-day tickets and take him once? If not, can we get a refund?

    I figured this was a question that wasn’t run of the mill so I emailed Disneyland. Got a response: they can’t answer, I need to call. So I called. They’re experiencing such high volume they wouldn’t even put me on hold to wait. I chatted in the app—I got notifications they answered, I tapped them, the app glitches and wouldn’t reload, and now their responses are gone but they’ve marked my case as resolved (see photo).

    So…how does someone actually talk to a person who can answer my questions?

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    This is the number to call customer service via tickets.
    (714) 781-4636


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      Asking for a refund for 3/4th the cost of the ticket is probably your best bet.
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