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    I was having a discussion with my dad regarding our old Disneyland trips and we were going through some photos. We stumbled upon the old Festival of Fools show (located in what is now Galaxy's Edge) and he mentioned there was a point that the park had that, The Spirit of Pocahontas (stage show at the Fantasyland Theatre) The Lion King Celebration (daytime parade), Fantasmic!, and the Main Street Electrical Parade all going throughout the day. You could imagine how shocked I was because I couldn't even fathom that much going on in the parks today, even before the pandemic started!

    On the subject of money, that much live entertainment would make today's Tier 5 price tag totally worth it.

    Was the cutting of live entertainment phased or completely sudden? Does anyone have context as to how and why Disneyland was running so many shows? What do you think that would look like by today's standards? Could every movie release garner a show of some kind?

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    Based on the dates for all the mention shows & parades, the only year that one could experienced all of them was 1996.

    I saw Spirit of Pocahontas and possibly Fantasmic! In '97.
    And, Light Magic in it's inception. Granted, 5 year old me was entirely oblivious of the controversies and scandal of Light Magic. I just cared about my beloved Light Magic Glow Sword than Light Magic itself!
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