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Parking for Rope Drop (or earlier)


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  • [Question] Parking for Rope Drop (or earlier)

    I understand Disneyland is opening up to an hour earlier than the posted opening time, and I'd like to get into that first wave. However, I'm not sure if any of the Disney lots open early enough for this.

    I've heard that the Toy Story lot is easier than the Mickey and Friends structure. Anyone have experience parking in Toy Story and getting to rope drop or earlier?

    I'm also wondering if I'd be better off parking at the Anaheim Hotel and/or just Ubering in.

    Thanks all!

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    We arrived at Mickey and Friends at 7:00 AM, and got through security and were at the esplanade by 7:30 AM. We had breakfast at La Brea, but saw people going in for rope drop at 8:00 AM.

    I’m an advocate for entering by bus on the Harbor Blvd side because then you don’t have to walk the long tram route. Security is also easier; however, if you choose to park, Mickey and Friends was not a terrible experience.


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      I'd vote Anaheim hotel if you can get there early enough. I saw people still paying for parking around 6:45-7am, but after that not many spots available. Gardenwalk isn't too much further either. The bus lineup in the morning at Toy story was enough to not make me want to do it again, same with the line after closing.


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        I agree on Anaheim Hilton as well. You just need to arrive before 7:00 to get a spot.


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          I think you mean the Anaheim Hotel. Parking at the Hilton would be somewhat of a nightmare. Now that I have covered the Toy Story parking lot process, I know that the Harbor entrance is the best option, and the Anaheim Hotel is the best place to park (when it's available).

          I will be at DL on the 16th and 17th, and I plan on parking there both days.


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