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  • [Question] To Drop or Not to Drop

    Later this month, I'm going to Disneyland on a Monday and Tuesday. I am pondering whether to get up early enough on one or both days to make "rope drop" -- which could be earlier than I think, as I've heard that sometimes the drop happens a half hour or more before the "official" opening time -- OR not sweating it and just (relatively) ambling in after the initial rope drop "surge". Say, an hour or so after opening.

    Anyone have experience with either scenario?


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    I vote NOT.

    We have done both (pre-covid) as both guest staying on site and also driving in. When they had Magic Mornings exclusive to on-site hotel guests it was worth getting up as the parks were near empty that first hour and even a bit after rope drop. Since they have now decided to let many neighboring hotels and those with multi-day passes also enjoy Magic Mornings they are no longer "magical". The last couple of times we either did Magic Mornings or rope drop the parks almost seems more packed that first hour than they did at say the 6pm peak. We decided going forward to sleep in as the extra energy throughout the day of being rested was far more valuable than the early arrival since the crowds are so dense at the beginning. In short I recommend going in an hour after the parks open. The surge dissipates with a lot of people getting breakfast after that first hour which almost creates an hour of light crowds that we find more advantageous. Plus it's nice to walk right in with little in the way of lines outside the gate.
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      Definitely not. Rope droppers are almost exclusively people angling for a Rise boarding pass and worried that they'll miss their window if they get an early group. CMs have posted videos of the huge lines of crowds there at 6:58 am waiting for security to let them into the Esplanade, and then they all cheer when 7am hits and they get their boarding group. But you can get a pass from the comfort of your own home and still amble in by 10am for the absolute earliest group to be called with more than enough time to ride.

      Even with lowish attendance, the pre-opening security and admission gates are just choke points where crowds fill up. Once they move through about 30 minutes after opening, people have a much easier time entering the parks and the crowds tend to stay low. Unless you want the full rope-drop experience, I would avoid it.


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        Thanks guys. I really appreciate the advice!


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          Adding my two cents, which is agreeing with the others –– don't.

          I panicked about this when it came to my trip, but honestly, I felt our day started on the right foot when we opted to enter the park 30 minutes after rope drop. We chilled and had breakfast in the DD district. We entered the park without a problem (line was incredibly short!) and later appreciated not being sandwiched by those morning crowds on Main Street!


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