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Star Wars Hotel and guaranteed ride on ROTR?


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  • Star Wars Hotel and guaranteed ride on ROTR?

    Hello all! I have been following you all since April 2020. Helped me escape a bit during lockdown, which for me continues...

    I have been looking forward to "Star Wars Land" (as I will forever think of it) for a long time, but I am not a smartphone user so I don't know how much longer I will have to wait. I don't know what will take longer, for me to figure out a smartphone or for the queue for ROTR to become manageable. Something disheartening that occurred to me last night is that the ROTR queue will always have someone at the head of the line... people who pay for the premiere experience of staying at the Star Wars hotel (at least in FL). I was reading this article...

    For them to transport to Batuu, obviously they will be guaranteed a ride at least once during their stay. People have been wondering why paying premiere prices for Grand Californian doesn't get them a spot on the ride. It seems like that is going to be a major selling point for the Star Wars hotel experience in FL. What do ya'll think? Is CA going to shoot for a similar "package" experience?

    (Sorry if that link violates any rules, posting this other website. I think of it as a news article, my apologies. Please let me know right away so I can edit it right away.)

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    Getting on the ride is not going to be a major selling point of going to the hotel. While there are undoubtedly people who will consider this "perk," anyone going for this experience is paying for the entirety of the immersiveness, which includes being "stuck" in that environment for 2 days. I don't mean "stuck" in a bad way, but staying in the hotel is a 2 day commitment, on top of A LOT of money, to a whole experience. People will undoubtedly commit money to jump a line, but they're not going to commit 2 days.

    Additionally, if I understand how this might work, they are going to "board" new guests every couple days. This means that the influx of guest at the head of the line for ROTR, as you say, will only occur every other day because riding that ride - and Smuggler's Run - will likely be timed to what is happening in the timeline of the hotel.


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      Imagineering released some promo videos the other day, and echoing Savarese04's comment above, ROTR is not going to be the main draw of the Galactic Starcruiser experience. But the whole experience is supposed to tie directly into the land, the example given was that during the course of the Starcruiser experience, you can discover the buyer of the coaxium you acquire during Smuggler's Run.
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        Disneyland Resort already guarantees VIP ticket holders with ROTR access without the hassle of securing a boarding group. This is a recent development.

        I'm not sure hotels will guarantee anyone that same luxury, though.


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          It's too bad they do not make this part of the DLR tours like Walk in Walt's footsteps etc. I am hooping they bring some of them back. They are pretty fun and also affordable for most guests. If you ever get the chance to do Walk In Walt's Footsteps Tour I highly recommend if just for the time they let you hang out in Walt's apartment alone.
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