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  • Christmas Parties?

    Last edited by ClownLoach; 08-31-2021, 05:24 AM.

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    Originally posted by ClownLoach View Post
    It would not go over well (in court) if they sold these then announced a few days later that the pass calendar is already being changed to accommodate the parties.
    In court? Really? You need to check to official website. The hours are only listed through October 4th, well before any sort of Christmas Party would be happening. They'll still be in the middle of Halloween at that time. Also, in the terms and conditions it states that they can alter the hours any time they want, including entertainment offerings, and that admission is never guaranteed. Also, the "Magic Key" will be good for a certain number of days, but nowhere does it state how many hours in a particular day the pass will be usable. Even on a "party" day, the parks will still be open during the day, since the parties happen in the evening. They would still be honoring their end of the deal
    No one is going to take Disney to court and win over something like what you're suggesting.


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      Huge problem in the U.S. are so many litigious people trying to get an easy $$


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        I'm not pleased over the possible idea of the Christmas parties. I was eying a potential return trip for the week after Thanksgiving(which has been historically known to be one of the quietest times of the year). Now that could all be upended with an expensive upcharge event.
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