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  • Disneyland Park Reservations & Ticket linking

    My family is in the planning stage for visiting the parks with a 3 day park hopper ticket. There will be 4 in their group, parents and 2 adult kids. Does it make sense to link all of their tickets to one account and make reservations? Or have the kids in their separate account and the parents in another; since likely the kids will want to take off on their own at some point during the day? If they keep it all under one account and 1 or 2 in the group want to break off on their own; how does that work for park hopping? They haven't been in about 5 or 6 years, so using the app for everything is quite new to them. I haven't even been back to the parks since Disney mandated making reservations across the board. I also intend to travel with them, but I'm a Dream Key holder so my account will be separate from theirs.

    Any advice or thoughts would be highly appreciated.

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    I've never used linked accounts. Just yesterday I linked my DL buddies. However, having read a bunch about it, maybe I can make good guesses until somebody smarter comes along. To link tickets/passes you have scan/type their loong ticket number/pass into your account. You then have the choice to link or not link each ticket for a given activity/reservation. I believe you want everybody linked if you're trying to get a boarding group at 7:00AM for Rise of the Resistance. I believe all of you could be trying to get a boarding group and if one of you gets it, then everybody linked to the group gets in. If the kids are going to go off, they could just make themselves a group for dinner reservations, or whatever. The ticket/ pass just sits there on your phone with a box to click when you want to link it for something. Yes, you could share your DK pass number with your group/ their ticket numbers with you, then just check the box next to them when you want to link for something.

    Side note; my friends and I shared pass numbers with each other. I typed in my friend's number and here pops up his name and bar code for his pass. SURELY, there's something other than checking photos that keeps me from, say showing his ticket bar code (since he has free parking) when I drive up to the ticket booth. (Not that I would)
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