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  • [Question] Question on ticket pricing

    Hello fellow Micechatters. I have a question concerning the cost of park tickets. The website lists 1-day tickets from $104, and 2-day tickets at $118 per day. I plan to visit the park on a low attendance day. What would happen if I purchased two 1-day tickets instead of one 2-day ticket? If I'm figuring this correctly I could pay $208 or $236 for 2 days at the park. If I go with the two one-day tickets, would I be able to link both tickets to my park reservations? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance.

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    I think you can link them - you may end up paying different prices depending on what tier each day falls under.


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      As long as the tickets were for 2 separate days there shouldn't be a problem. Since you have to specify which day you're buying a ticket for, the system would know that you purchased a ticket for Day X and a separate ticket for Day Y so there shouldn't be a problem in loading the two separate tickets/days into the app.

      There might be a problem if you purchased 2 single day tickets for the same day and tried to link them to the app, but as long as your tickets had associated reservations for different days that might take care of that. To be on the safe side, I'd buy them for separate days.

      And as PP above mentioned, if you buy the lowest tier and then go on a higher tier day, you have to pay the difference
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