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  • Disney Fans who Defend EVERYTHING about Disney

    Disney fans are a dime a dozen. I'd be hard pressed to find someone who hates everything about Disney. There's always going to be something about it that's nostalgic or timeless. For us, it's going to be Disneyland and the Disney parks. We all have our agreements and disagreements about rides, shows or even specific eras of the parks but we all love it one way or another.

    But I've noticed that because being a fan is a broad definition, we'll have tons of varieties. The one that I dislike more then anything are the people who defend everything Disney does. I'm not talking about liking all the movies and shows (if you do, then more power to you!), but I mean taking in EVERYTHING, like the decisions that the executives announce and always proclaim it as "the right decision". New attraction? AMAZING!! New hotel that only caters to the uber wealthy? AMAZING!! New food options that look cheap? AMAZING!! 10 sequels to a franchise that are probably not needed? AMAZING!! As if saying that "whatever is being announced may not be the best" is is sacrilegious.

    This seems to be more common on a variety of social media spots, but anytime I'll voice a simple thought like the new Starcruiser being a waste of creative space or the Spider-Man Webslingers being a bad attraction (My review goes into more detail on why, it's in another part of the site), I'll get at least 3 responses on how "I don't understand the goal" or "Your insane!, Avengers is way better then Hogwarts" or "Your not a real fan of Disney". And yet, when I see what else they've commented on, it seems like they take in Disney like a religion where everything is truth, there's no such thing as a bad decision.

    These are the kind of fans that honestly scare me...whether or not their opinions are even real. Half the time, I used to believe that most of the Disney social media influencers that covered the parks were in the same camp on "loving EVERYTHING that Disney does", but the Genie App has changed all of that. Many like AdamtheWoo, Poseidon Entertainment, and even Brian Hull (all 3 are Youtubers that are my go to Disney Vloggers) have admited that they don't like many of the choices they've made recently. Not that it completely ruins the park, but they can tell something is off.

    Have you had an encounter with a Disney fan who loves EVERYTHING Disney does?

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    I have, but I think that is the joy of being a Disney fan: each of us finds joy in how much we choose to enjoy Disney.
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