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Something Chapek cannot destroy...memories of amazing moments...


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  • Something Chapek cannot destroy...memories of amazing moments...

    Look for many of us ( more than I actually thought at first ) have been venting our frustration with cheap park and his erosion of a park many of us hold dear and have been going to since childhood. I would love to hear everyones story of an amazing moment that seemed surreal during one of their trips to the parks. They do not have to have anything to do with Disney they could just be an amazing occurrence that happened or moment you witnessed but in the DLR.

    I will start:

    About 6 years ago my Father passed away and one of his dying wishes was to have us wait a year after his passing so we would be in better spirits and take his ashes to spread around the Shannondoah (Sp?) Valley in Virginia where he was from. There is a scenic highway that stretches throughout what is really a beautiful valley and range of mountains and hills. ( I recommend everyone add it to there bucket list. ) On our journey along the valley we came across and sweet old couple that kept stopping at all the same scenic view spots we were at. Eventually they offered to take our photo so we could get one as a group we obliged and returned the favor and eventually we stopped seeing them not a big deal it happens. Well fast forward the very next week and we are back home and visiting DLR and as we are walking out of the park we come across the same exact couple who where just as shocked as we were that we would run into them on both sides of the country just a week apart. That was truly a small world moment that my wife and I still bring up as so crazy.
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    Memories of amazing moments

    1959 first time at Disneyland-With my Family-I was 5 years old.

    I have say it was Amazing First Time with me
    For 2 reason.......I was my whole Family-Dad-Mom- Brother
    and it was My first Time meeting ""MICKEY MOUSE"".........
    I recall going many of Walt Disney attraction's starting with the Santa Fe and Disneyland Railroad
    for that Grand Round trip around Walt Disney Magic Kingdom.....
    and day end with the night cap ......On the MONORAIL.......>>>>>>

    I been Bless, many time after.....that I able to go back, again, again...

    My First was very special of them all !

    Soaring like an EAGLE !


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      Annual family day at Disneyland during the summer, loved the night time fireworks, with Tinker Bell flying from the Matterhorn, always wore my Tinker Bell tee…with green rhinestone at tip of her wand.

      and…..Grad night. Did this instead of prom, we had both. Took a bus, there until 2am! By 1 am…we were all tired, wanted to go back to the bus….had to wait . Everyone laying on benches, sitting everywhere. Had a long, sleeveless dress on. My date let me wear his jacket to keep warm.


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        This amazing moments are still happening, you know, if you just let them. Chapek can't destroy the magic, not really. He can make it harder to find, but it's still there.

        But as far as the past;

        Summers heading back from Newport and stopping off at DL in cut offs & bikini tops with tshirts over them to listen to the great bands and dance. This was when you could still buy 'admission only' @ around $3.00. Sometimes we'd buy ticket books, sometimes a guy would 'treat' us to a ride or two.

        Taking my sons when they were little. More magic than you can possibly cram into a paragraph. But I do remember my DS1 hearing Snow the White's voice singing in the well and saying "Mommy, that's YOU!". DS2 (painfully shy) running up and hugging characters and when being congratulated on not being afraid saying "Mommy, these aren't strangers, these are my DISNEY FRIENDS!".

        My Disney-Sistah and I being treated to dinner at C33 by a lovely member. If that person is still around, thank you once again. You made a dream to come true.

        In fact, I think I'm going to sit back and do some memory-dreaming for awhile, right now.

        "Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to dance in the rain.​"


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          I will never forget taking my daughter for the first time when she was two, everyone told us she was too young but the memories of that trip and seeing the parks that I loved through her eyes will live forever, there are so many great stories from that trip but I will leave you with one that sums her up in a nut shell. When we were pregnant with my daughter I had my brother who is an amazing artist draw a mural that covers two walls of my daughters bedroom of the Winnie the Pooh Characters so she has lived her whole life with these characters around her, we had flown into Long beach early the morning of our first day from Utah where we live and headed straight to the parks, As soon as we got there and got her in the stroller she fell asleep walking down main street, my parents who were with us took her to the shady area on the upper area of The hungry Bear to nap, When she woke up we had some lunch and took her to ride Winnie the Pooh because what better first ride for her, She smiled and giggled and sang the entire ride, as we got off she spotted Tigger at the meet and greet area and screamed Tigger at the top of her lungs and took off running towards him. I managed to snag her before she got away, and told her we will go see him but we have to get in line, She gave big hugs to Eyore, and Pooh but when she got to Tigger she jumped into his arms for the biggest hug then said Tigger bounce with me, and held his hands as they Jumped up and down. The pure joy of that moment will never fade away and I hope the parks will survive the Chepak era so my kids can have experiences with their kids like this.
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            There are so many amazing memories to choose from (it would be like going to a Sees candy and picking a favor piece of candy), but one I will never forget:

            That First Main Street Snow

            It was late November 2000 and I was just getting off work with an exciting opportunity that ended up being a big life change. As a proud Disneyland passholder, a little escape I had to avoid the Orange Crush traffic was I went to Disneyland for a nice early evening park walk (and occasional churro) before heading home for dinner.

            When I got there, I was a little surprised Disneyland was testing a new ‘snow effect’ on Main Street that evening. I called my wife and let her know I would be coming home late that evening (she had a soap opera show on that evening she always watched).

            Walking the park, getting a churro and taking a moment in my favorite park, the Court of Angels, I was excited about the future ahead. At Disneyland, across the escapade, I saw the future being constructed at DCA and, in a parallel to my life, it felt a new future was being constructed.

            As I waited near the Penny Arcade on Main Street for this new effect, I had my doubts if it would be worth the time (this as during Pressler’s Disneyland era and both Light Magic and Tomorrowland ‘98 were downers IMO). But I am so glad I waited.

            Hearing those last fire works and that holiday music come to a close, I recall looking up and seeing that first Main Street ‘snow’ coming down. I never imagined I would ever see snow on Main Street, especially in Southern California.

            As I took in that moment and listened and observed as the families and those around me smiled with a sense of awe and wonder, it was a moment that had just felt like something Walt would have done if he had the technology at the time. As much disdain as I had for Paul’s park management, it was a moment I had to give him and his TDA team credit.

            I remember walking out of Main Street towards the front gate with a smile on my face thoroughly believing there was a great, big beautiful tomorrow ahead.

            If Disney could make it snow on Main Street, there seemed like no limits to what they could do.


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              Summer of 1990. 12 years old. Family friends visiting from back East. My family: mom, dad, little bro. Their family: mom, dad, daughter, son. It rained like mad during the second half of our day at DLand. My family left, and let me stay with the family friends, whom wanted to squeeze the most out of their rare visit to California.

              I distinctly remember standing under a cover in a gift store playing with rubber snakes across from the Jungle Cruise. Park was absolutely empty. The clouds must’ve been moving quickly because there was sunshine and rain, and it was a warm summer (June?) day. This is probably my hugest memory of the Park that has always kept me coming back.


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                one memory which stayed with me was my last Disneyland visit with family, just about to begin 12th grade, maybe thinking I might be too old to spend the day with parents and sister and baby brother at Disneyland, but it was such a splendid was much the same as previous visits...but I wanted this day to last in my memory...
                I am old. But still love Disneyland.


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                  Originally posted by bayouguy View Post
                  one memory which stayed with me was my last Disneyland visit with family, just about to begin 12th grade, maybe thinking I might be too old to spend the day with parents and sister and baby brother at Disneyland, but it was such a splendid was much the same as previous visits...but I wanted this day to last in my memory...
                  Have many memory's being at Disneyland....mostly good....but sometime bad.....
                  But have say the best ,is being with Family and sometime being with close Friends.....
                  I also recall special Birthday's
                  when the Cast Member make it very special and leaving there "MAGIC"
                  with you......................
                  Soaring like an EAGLE !


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                    Around twenty years ago, if you wanted to get reservations to view Fantasmic! from the balcony in the Disney Gallery (above Pirates), you would have to show up at Guests Services just outside the main gate around 5:00 and wait for them to open. I was the first in line, and shortly thereafter, I was joined by a gentleman from Texas. It turned out that we had both had the pleasure of viewing F! from that vantage, and we had a very pleasant conversation regarding our other plans for the day in the park. When Guest Services finally opened, we made our reservations for the same viewing and went about our day.

                    Since the F! seating process was to seat the guests in the order in which they made their reservations, I fully expected to see him and his family later that evening. When we arrived at the Disney Gallery to be seated, I noticed that my new acquaintance was not present, and I hoped he and his family had not encountered some issue that prevented them from attending.

                    After we were seated, the CM then proceeded to seat another family next to us in their expected place. Assuming that the individual from that morning had actually made the reservations for them rather than his own family, I struck up a conversation. I congratulated them on having such a good friend who would get up that early to secure reservations, and they informed me that they had been given the reservations by a very nice individual earlier in the day.

                    Apparently, they encountered the individual that I had met that morning at Guest Services on TSI, and that he, his wife and son had given them their reservations. As it turns out, it was their first visit to DL, and they had never even seen F! before; as such they had no idea what to expect, or the cost of those reservations.

                    As it turns out, their daughter had a mental disorder, and she had been having a rather difficult day. Apparently, the ride over to TSI had further aggravated the daughters issues, and her parents were very distraught. At that point, I realized that the individual who I had met at the reservation window that morning had sacrificed his reservations in order to create his own magic for this family.

                    As the show began, the daughter, who up to that point had been rather restless, was suddenly transfixed by the production playing out before her. Within a few minutes, her demeanor had completely changed; where moments before she appeared on the verge of an outburst, she was now leaning against the railing, absolutely quiet, with a huge smile on her face. That's when I noticed her parents...they were not watching the production at all...their focus was entirely on their daughter, with frequent astonished looks at each other. Not too long afterward, both parents had tears rolling down their faces.

                    I then reflected on my own shortcomings; when I first noticed the daughters issues, I had concerns regarding possible disruptions during the show...after all, those reservations were not cheap, and my family's trips to DL were rather infrequent. Naturally, the events of that evening saw those concerns quickly dismissed. I began to contemplate the individual from that morning, and the sacrifice that his family had made in order to bring some much needed joy to another family now sitting next to my own.

                    As F! came to an end, I realized that like that girls parents, I too had seen very little of the program that evening... but that didn't matter in the least. While those reservations were expensive, I had learned a priceless lesson in compassion and understanding.

                    I regret that I cannot remember the name of the gentleman from that morning, but I hope that he would read this and recognize his and his family's contribution not only to those other three individuals, but to myself as well. For over two decades, this has been my most valuable Disneyland memory, and I firmly believe that the real magic that permeated Disneyland at that time was a compelling factor behind that family's act of compassion.

                    While I regret that the park as it exist today does not seem to exemplify that same magic, I am very grateful that I was able to experience such a selfless act; one that minimally provided another family a momentary reprieve from a difficult day, while at the same time bestowing a significant contribution to my own personal salvation.


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                      It to make light in the middle of all these heartfelt awesome posts but…

                      When I was 19 we took a bunch of acid and by the time we got to Mickeys house we were all freaked out and didn’t really know if we were supposed to be there. We kept whispering to each other, this is mickeys house man, are we allowed in here? Are we ruining a cartoon? Should be leave? We all freaked out and walked back to the car through the swirling paisley ground and sat it out until the parking lot closed.

                      I’ll never forget it.


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