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Disney needs to issue partial refunds for Dream Key holders.


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    Originally posted by greenalfonzo View Post

    I would hope people paying full price get priority over discount pass holders, or the board should be firing somebody.
    This. My first pass was the $50.00 after 5 summer pass. Priorities for families that travel here should be #1. It’s the lifeblood because most passholders/KEYGODS are complainers and don’t spend money anyways.
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      Originally posted by BasilOregano View Post

      Are there comparable cases that have held up in court in California? I mean, I'm the first to admit I am very far from an expert here, and could easily be completely, entirely wrong, but I have to imagine that Disney's lawyers know California law and that even in California civil proceedings one has to provide at least some evidence that there is at least a possibility that actual legal wrongdoing may have occurred before the case is heard.
      I have three different clients that are law firms and one in particular is big on Mass Tort and Class Action cases. They seem to have ways of taking things that we would think are open and shut because of waivers or contracts and turning them into cases you would never think possible. I guess there is something about CA law that makes it easier than most places to litigate even when there is signs, contracts, and waivers in place. I think a lot also has to do with what is viewed and implied availability. Not saying Disney would not have a bigger army of lawyers to defend this as they have one of the largest legal teams in history if rumors are correct. I am just saying the right law firm could make some serious waves if they reached out to enough disgruntled MK owners. Disney is not above pay outs if it keeps things out of the press. ( at least it seems they used to be )
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        ^That is interesting. Thanks for insight!

        I'll be curious to see if anyone goes that route, then .... if a suit could be brought then I do tend to agree with you that they would probably do payouts to avoid the bad press, even if they were reasonably confident that they would win the suit anyway. I think that's their legal/PR department's MO.


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          Why would there need to be a lawsuit? Couldn't they just issue prorated refunds upon request? They should have the whole "refund" procedure down pat by now after the last 20 or so months.
          But what could people possibly be entitled to, other than what they paid for the pass? Are people suffering emotional trauma and they're owed money for that? I'm no lawyer, so maybe someone can school me.
          Personally, I think a lot of the problems they're having could be resolved by reducing the number of reservations you can hold. Six is way too many. At WDW, the top two tier passes each can hold 5, with the third down getting 4, and the cheapest on getting 3. That's with twice the number of parks, and, of course, a smaller passholder (keyholder) base.
          They should reduce the number of reservations to 3, and if people (Disneyland Keyholders) have a problem, then offer the prorated refunds.


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            Originally posted by Starcade View Post

            Disney is not above pay outs if it keeps things out of the press. ( at least it seems they used to be )
            Glad you put this in ( at least it seems they used to be )
            Because Disney has been in the PRESS almost weekly......mostly BAD
            and IMO they DON'T CARE ........
            There PR department , has not been great !
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