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Sorry guys. I like Disneyland and California Adventure.


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    Originally posted by Karalora View Post

    This might blow some people's minds, but I also love Disneyland. I literally would not have signed up for this forum if I didn't; I'm not one of those people who gets a kick out of trash-talking what other people love just to bully them. I love Disneyland so much that it breaks my heart to see what it's becoming. If it seems like every thread devolves into a gripefest about Chapek...well, that's because he keeps doing things with Disneyland that a lot of us don't like. And the stuff we don't like is keeping us from accessing the stuff we do like. Can't talk about how cool Rise of the Resistance is if you can't manage to go on it. Can't write a flattering Trip Report if you've been priced out of visiting the place. Are those of us who have been cheerleaders for Disneyland for years supposed to just drop off the face of the internet now?
    Find your posts well thought out , appreciate the effort. Definitely dismayed about the changes to the parks. I was explaining to one of my coworkers, as she wanted to know about taking her daughter and hubby. They were Disney AP. after my review. She will wait before going back.

    Instead, she went to Knott’s, but spent 8 hours , getting in , park, enter park. Decides against loading meal card. You can only use every 90 minutes? Food line too long , 1 hour?!
    ride lines 1- 1.5 hour wait! They had to alternate taking child on ride. She in food line, hubby/child in ride line. Gets food , gives snacks. He moves to next ride and she takes child on 1st ride. They were able to do 4 rides for child, but not one all together. Left, as now dinner time with work and school next day.

    Son took GF and her son to Universal Studio, at great cost, as if you don’t purchase their “fast Pass” you won’t get anywhere, he relayed to me.
    They would rather visit Magic Mountain, but a bit of a drive… and it’s not Universal….

    All these theme parks of my youth have drastically changed. Have a more balanced view of Disney, now. Yes, the unhappiness about Chapek, is prevalent here, but it was probably the same for the previous ones. Hubby says it all about the $$$, it’s a choice to visits the parks, as long as I enjoy aspects, it is fine with him.
    different opinions expressed are one of the reasons I am here. Other blogs , sites have information, but seem to have a most rosy view of all things Disney..


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      [QUOTE=Mr Wiggins;n8649719]

      ". . . Only two individuals?

      Titanic, meet tip of iceberg:

      Originally posted by Aladdin View Post
      I am completely disgusted by Iger turning the reigns over to Chapek.

      Originally posted by biggsworth View Post
      Dude's an idiot.

      Originally posted by BasilOregano View Post
      I'm not at all surprised by Chapek's Wall Street driven, make a cheap buck anyway you can, no thought for the morrow, approach to the parks (he's just a random corporate person in this day and age, what else do you expect?) but I am constantly surprised by the degree to which he flatly does not understand the product he is selling.

      Originally posted by Brian PieGuy View Post
      My first real introduction to Chapek was the parks and resorts presentation at the 2017 D23 Expo. I remember getting a bad first impression from him, with him delivering a half-hearted spiel on bringing Pixar Pier to California Adventure, as well as a cheesy "story" about Chris Pratt visiting Epcot as a child, just to set up announcing Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. This was the nascent period of his tenure, but it gave me a powerful glimpse into the regime that may last for decades.

      Originally posted by Captain Andy View Post
      Sounds like Chapek is doing what he does best –– torching quality for the sake of money.

      Originally posted by CAspace View Post
      Chapek is I'm sure a great MBA, but in my opinion is a horrible person to have put into a position to have so much clout over Walt Disney’s masterpiece. Of course one would never know just how much of the legacy he is and will destroy due to his hand picked survey teams who tackily hound and cherry pick certain paying customers walking through the turn-styles to justify his horrific ideas in a power point and give him more power to destroy the greatest work of art the amusement world had ever seen.

      Originally posted by ccinsf View Post
      The final scene [in a forthcoming Disney+ movie about the building of Disneyland] will be Bob Chapek relieving himself on Walt’s grave.

      Originally posted by ClownLoach View Post
      It is clear that the reservation message from Chapek is a complete lie. They are not using it to staff the parks because schedules are done so far in advance, and the reservations are clearly volatile at the last minute. ​​​​​I actually think they have another Genie+ type of upsell in mind... Could you see them charging for a last minute reservation? I wouldn't put anything past the Chapek regime.

      Originally posted by DarthBrett78 View Post
      Chapek just keeps gaining more and more credentials to being certified as nothing but a greedy, tight-wad with no idea what he is doing in terms of creative choices and decisions. Can not wait until he is gone.

      Originally posted by Disney1ace View Post
      I saw the [D23] presentation and Bob Chapek gushing over the Target CEO like a school girl meeting a Jonas Brother was just terrible. I get Bob has retail in his blood and over priced plastic is clearly his passion, but the way he covered the resorts presentation just felt like a slap in the face to true Disney fans.

      Originally posted by Disney Adventure View Post
      Terrifying that this guy without a shred of artistic ability, creativity, or integrity is slowly destroying one of, if not THE most unique and amazing places in the world.

      Originally posted by Disneyidol View Post
      This guy is worse than Paul Pressler. I promise you all that this guy's appointment to head this company is a shock -- not a surprise -- to the entertainment industry as a whole. It's a huge disappointment by any stretch. He's the LAST person that should oversee this company.

      Originally posted by DisneyIPresume View Post
      It would be great if Chapek were to be ejected. But does anyone seriously expect his replacement will be any better, including Iger? This day [Chapek named as CEO] shall be marked in Disney history as it’s downward nose-dive into mediocrity. Not even Iger will be able to fix this mess

      Originally posted by DLR92 View Post
      I am not a fan of Chapek, and I hope tenure is short. I don’t think he fit for Disney.

      Originally posted by Fctiger View Post
      I don't give people like Chapek a lot of grief as others but this was certainly a big example of why people don't like the guy.

      Originally posted by Figment56 View Post
      Please let the next headline be Bob Chapek's firing.

      Originally posted by Golden Zephyr View Post
      Chapek is the worst thing to happen to the parks since Pressler. Many sounded the alarm bell when he took the position and those voices have proven to be right.

      Originally posted by HiddenMickey87 View Post
      Despite the pretty fancy PR-spin talk, it's a joke to put Chapek and storytelling in the same universe, let alone the same sentence.

      Originally posted by hurricanefreak View Post
      I personally hate Chapek, I will say it and we are lucky that Tokyo Disneyland ( Owned by OLC and Spends the Money to maintain ) exists because it sets the bar high

      Originally posted by iAMiRONMAN View Post
      Chapek is Thanos.

      Originally posted by Jaygatzby View Post
      Bob Chapek may gratuitously view us Disney fans as dollar signs. Let’s show Bob Chapek, as long as he remains the CEO, that we are Disney consumer warning signs instead.

      Originally posted by Jesser-pie View Post
      Bob Chapek has done nothing positive.

      Originally posted by J. Thaddeus Toad View Post
      If someone can sit Chapek down and explain to him he’s in show business , not retail …

      Originally posted by Karalora View Post
      This ties in to what I've been saying about Chapek, and apparently it applies to the entire upper management team--they are contemptuous of their customer base.

      Originally posted by LilMonsterPageantHelper View Post
      WDI tried their best to convince Chapek not to do it [cut the live entertainment from SW:GE] but to keep their jobs they had to obey Cheap Out Chapek who has no artistic vision and can only read a script about theme parks because he knows nothing about Disneyland Ops specifically and the entertainment industry in general.

      Originally posted by linkeq2001 View Post
      The very fact Chapek referred to guests in purely mechanical terms citing “yield” etc should tell you everything you need to know.

      Originally posted by merlinjones View Post
      Waiting for the ketchup baron to fart out of the bottle is building Anticipation.

      Originally posted by mickdaddy View Post
      I am not a fan of Chepak and I feel he will destroy the creative element of Disney if he is allowed to be around very long,

      Originally posted by micromind View Post
      What [Chapek] actually meant to say is more like 'this gives us yet another opportunity to extract even more $$$ from our guests'.

      Originally posted by MrGoat View Post
      Oh golly, it takes real skill to do Chapek's job. He has to tell his lackeys to tell their lackeys to fire their lackeys, close otherwise-successful restaurants, and reduce hours of availability of oh-so-many rides and attractions. I can't imagine how he handles the stress.

      Originally posted by PhotoMatt View Post
      It takes no skill to wring the existing value out of Disney. Anyone with a modicum of greed can do it, so someone with a surplus like Chapek is clearly excelling.

      Originally posted by Psychotic Parakeet View Post
      As long as Chapek is in-charge, I will avoid the parks.

      Originally posted by Rainy227 View Post
      It's hard not to be cynical and angry with speaking about Chapek.

      Originally posted by RforFilm View Post
      Putting Chapek in charge of the Disney Parks and Resorts is like when Paul Pressler was running the show.

      Originally posted by savarese04 View Post
      The company knew Chapek was a clown and a terrible face even before his CEO reign because they use dto use Lassetter to do all the presentations at D23 and other media/marketing events.That tells you all you need to know

      Originally posted by Starcade View Post
      Many on here know something is rotten in TDA but the fish stinks from the head and removing chapek would be like removing a cancerous tumor but the longer he can keep destroying good will with guests and CM’s the harder it will be to get things back in order.

      Originally posted by stovk View Post
      One of the first rules in Customer Service is, "Under promise and over deliver" "Cheap$kate" Chapek has that backwards.

      Originally posted by tarheelalum View Post
      Chapek is completely clueless and is unfit to run the Walt Disney Corporation.

      Originally posted by thedustycoyote View Post
      I'd have so much more respect for Chapek if he just came out and said it was his job to make the company money, rather than try to justify his decisions by twisting Walt's words.

      Originally posted by Tramp’s Lady View Post
      I DESPISE Chapek but maybe he’ll go and promote his ketchup and mall mentality elsewhere and let people who love the parks focus on making them better.

      Originally posted by WaltDisney'sAlec View Post
      I would have dumped Chapek for Staggs any day.

      Originally posted by Zorro View Post
      I hope that people will boo that jerk Chapek at D23.

      ...And that's just five minutes with the search engine. Hundreds more posts have called out Chapek for exactly what he is."

      Like many, I felt left out, but thanks for this EPIC list!


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        Originally posted by Mr Wiggins View Post

        Originally posted by iAMiRONMAN View Post

        Chapek is Thanos.
        Lol, this one's my favorite
        Brian the Pooh


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          “Not the least hard thing to bear when they go from us, these quiet friends, is that they carry away with them so many years of our own lives.”

          DL Trips: '58, '59, '61, '65, '66, '67, '68x2, '69x2, '70x2, '71x2, '73x2, '74x2, '75x2, '76x2, '77, '78,x2, '79x2, '80x2, '81, '82, '83, '88, '89x3, '90x2, '91, '93, '94, '95x2, '96, '97, '98x4, '99, '00, '01, '02, '03, '04, '05, '06, '07x2, '08, '09x2, '10, '11, '13
          WDW Trips: '81
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          Tokyo DL Trips: '86


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            Originally posted by stovk View Post

            (Check out the comments on YouTube!)
            Last edited by Mr Wiggins; 11-18-2021, 05:00 PM.
            "Disneyland is often called a magic kingdom because
            it combines fantasy and history, adventure and learning,
            together with every variety of recreation and fun,
            designed to appeal to everyone."

            - Walt Disney

            "Disneyland is all about turning movies into rides."
            - Michael Eisner

            "It's very symbiotic."
            - Bob Chapek


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              Originally posted by mr wiggins View Post


              (check out the comments on youtube!)
              bravo-x2 !!!!!
              Soaring like an EAGLE !


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                Originally posted by Ttgal4 View Post

                Unfortunately a lot of the world is being priced out. Part of the reason I love Disneyland so much is due to the memories I made growing up. That’s part of what makes the park so magical for me to this day. Even though we would have been described as lower middle class growing up, because we were local my parents always found a way for us to go to the Happiest Place on Earth once a year. I’m not sure that would’ve been the case if the prices were comparable to today’s dollar. It just seems to me that Disney keeps making it harder for regular folks to enjoy the parks, thus making it harder for kids to develop the love that myself, as well as the OP have for Disneyland.
                Is it that people are being priced out completely or is it that people can no longer afford what they are used to?
                My mother was a single mother and while I am an only child she still managed to save enough for me to go from Canada when I was 6 (1983) and when I was 15 (1992) and loved them both! I know many kids that I went to school with either never went or went once as a child. That did not make it less magical to them.
                Since then I have continued to love it with my wife who had never gone before and we have managed to do many more trips together. The park is meant to be a destination place of wonder you can go to and enjoy yourself along with the a whole family. With the use of credit, growth in available spending money and lowering cost of travel in general it became less a once in a childhood event as a yearly or even seasonal event. Just because that is what it was does not mean that is what it always should be. If you are able to afford it, or you are lucky enough to live within driving distance to go for the day please enjoy your time there but do not view it as a right to go but rather a privilege. There is a large percentage of the world where daily food is being priced out (even in America and Canada) so realize how good you have it.


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                  Originally posted by Karalora View Post

                  You can just not read the threads where people criticize the park management, you know. Or maybe start your own thread for discussing why you still like Disneyland...without kicking it off by taking an adversarial tone toward the posters who are unhappy with the current direction, which is what OP did and almost certainly why the "complainers" felt compelled to weigh in.
                  I just started such a thread:
                  . . . and it has all the drama of the Itchy & Scratchy cartoon where they eliminated conflict.
                  There's a reason why no film studio creates & releases "The Village of the Happy, Nice People." (Wait, Brigadoon.)
                  I thought starting this so-called positive thread with "Sorry..." was obnoxious and disingenuous, but ever the hypocrite, I started the line where I admitted I like the Mickey & Friends parking lot in the same way.

                  Thanks again for all of your excellent posts, Karalora!


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