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Been away for 5 years.... help?!


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  • Been away for 5 years.... help?!

    I used to be a regular at DLR/DCA but have not been to the parks in 5 years.

    What recent “must see” and “don’t miss” attractions/experiences/additions would you suggest to someone who has been away for half a decade?


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    Quite a bit has happened in the past five years! Without knowing your specific interests or how long you're there, I'd say...

    Definitely set aside a lot of time for Star Wars Galaxy's Edge, as that's the most major addition of the past five years. There's two rides and several bars/restaurants; Oga's Cantina is the most iconic, and I believe requires reservations. Galaxy's Edge also sells "Blue Milk" and "Green Milk"- I like both beverages, but most seem to prefer blue milk.

    Avengers Campus is the second biggest addition of the past five years; I haven't ridden Spider-Man yet, but I would definitely recommend Guardians of the Galaxy, as it's quite different than Tower of Terror and most people I take on it love it.

    Soarin' over California is now Soarin' around the World (they rotate them throughout the year), do that if you haven't already.

    Newer additions that are more skippable are Mickey's Philharmagic (3D show), an Inside Out spinner ride (by Toy Story Mania), a remodeled Snow White ride, and new scenery along the Disneyland Railroad during the Rivers of America portion (I love it).

    If I were you I'd also prioritize Splash Mountain, as it's not going to be here much longer.

    Also, while Fantasmic isn't back yet, do see it on a future trip, as it's changed a lot in the past five years, with new scenes and effects.
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      Though it reopened way back in 2008 now - in case you missed it, definitely see the ''plussed'' restoration of the original Earle-influenced Sleeping Beauty Castle Diorama.

      And Snow White's Adventures were just enhanced with a new ending and effects this past year.

      There's also The Hatbox Ghost in The Haunted Mansion attic and a Peter Pan refresh from a few years back before covid.
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        Depending on how exact you're being with 5 years ago the Matterhorn got a new Yeti. Jungle Cruise got its rework this year. Tropical Hideaway is its own cute little corner to relax with a Dole Whip if you wanta slow moment with a bit of ambiance. Star Tours is likely to have a sequence or two you haven't seen.

        I mean really Brian got most of the good stuff at the start of this XD Galaxies Edge and Avengers Campus are where you're going to want to look for the "big/must see" stuff but there are numerous tweaks all over the place some which are decently different like Snow White and others are just great for us nerds who like upgraded Animatronics and the like.
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          Thank you all. This is really helpful!


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            Originally posted by shirleyfilms View Post
            Thank you all. This is really helpful!
            I'd be curious what you think of the new stuff once you go XD so trip reports are always appreciated
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