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    My first trip to Disneyland was in 2000 when I was 4. I remember DCA still being under construction and the California Letters being put up. I am quite nostalgic about that time period. I always felt early DCA wasn’t given enough credibility. The last time I was at DCA this year in October. I walked around DCA reminiscing on the past. Walking from soarin to Grizzly and reminding myself “wow, DCA was this well themed even in 2001!” Yes even in 2001 that small section of the park, the walk from Soarin to grizzly was about the only escape one could find from the outside world in the park. That feeling I felt in 2001 the escape I got from reality I felt again in 2021. There is another small section of Hollywoodland that reminds me of early DCA. After you walk past the theater, and the section where the animation building is, the award wieners and schmoozies. That small section reminds me of early DCA. The area near jumpin jellyfish and golden zephyr also reminds me of that time era. Everything else seems new and is meant to diminish the past. Yet something the pier lacks is great musical theming. As for me walking from the wharf to the pier the musical transition doesn’t feel Disney to me. In the early 2000’s the only thing Disney about DCA was the music. Now in 2021 that musical atmosphere is missing.


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