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  • [Question] Photo Pass locations?

    If I'm looking at the Disney app/web site correctly, there are only 2 locations to have your photo taken in Disneyland park with the Photo Pass service-- at Splash Mountain and Space Mountain. Am I reading this correctly? I'm considering purchasing the Photo Pass service, but if there are only 2 photo locations, it wouldn't be worth it. Please tell me what you know!! TIA

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    Yes, only two rides off "photopass". however, there are cast members throughout the park that will take your picture, which is also included (front of the castle, front of the Christmas tree, and I think with princess meet and greets but i've never done those).


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      Thank you. That really helps.


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        I know you only asked for Disneyland, but just in case, there are also multiple spots in California Adventure and three rides that offer it (The Incredicoaster, GOTG: MB, Radiator Springs Racers).


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          Thanks for your help. I appreciate it.


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            Go to the app, click the locator button on the bottom to pull up the map, then select PhotoPass from the top drop down menu and then select Show List. It will pull up approx 15 locations throughout the parks where cast members are stationed to take your photo. For $19.99, you can end up with at least 30-40 pics for a proper album — it’s a good deal
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