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  • Holiday decorating timelines

    I know Christmas just wrapped yesterday. However, what are the dates decorations are up for holidays like Valentine’s Day and Easter. Is there anything else outside of these, Halloween and Christmas?

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    I don't recall Disney publicizing when they put up decorations for these holidays, as the theming is pretty low-key. For Valentines Day they put up a big heart near the flag pole on Main Street, plus some other small decorations. They will probably do this in early February I'm guessing. Easter is late this year, so I wouldn't expect decorations until April. During this time, guests can meet the Easter Bunny and his boo thing, plus other characters wear special Easter costumes. I believe Disney also has some kind of egg scavenger hunt too.

    Besides these holidays; Disney celebrates Chinese New Year on Paradise Pier near Goofy's Sky School (the holiday occurs on February 1st) and does special fireworks for Independence Day.
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      Disney will be having new decorations for their new Holiday shop, Plaza Point, in near future. I expect Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year Decor to be added soon, immediately followed by St. Patrick's Day and Easter.

      Mardi Gras decorations in New Orleans Square will likely remain up longer than normal. Fat Tuesday doesn't happen until March 1st this year.


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