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12/2- My Disneyland Picture Update


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  • 12/2- My Disneyland Picture Update

    In today's article, in order to remedy the mistakes I made in using other sites images, this update is completely me! I went to Disneyland this past Sunday, & took snaps of everything new I could see, or at least remotely new. Until of course the batery on my camera ran out! Also note that I have decided to host these images as a slideshow, because in total there are 51! But it only let me put 49 in, so the last 2 are bellow the slideshow. Enjoy!

    We really appreciate any discussion. So please, do!

    You can find this article here;

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    Re: 12/2- My Disneyland Picture Update

    Aww, next time stop by the meet and say Hi!

    BTW, several of your pics say missing image instead of showing a pic
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      Re: 12/2- My Disneyland Picture Update

      Very nice. We were there on the 2nd as well, but I didn't take the camera. Pretty pictures and the slide show is a nice way to show them.
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      Thank You Poisonedapples


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        Re: 12/2- My Disneyland Picture Update

        Nice pictures


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          Re: 12/2- My Disneyland Picture Update

          Thanks for the comments everyone! And if there are missing images, then just refresh the page.


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