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Armchair Imagineering Challenge


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  • Armchair Imagineering Challenge

    I know there was an attempt earlier to get a contest started that kinda fizzled, so let's take a different approach.

    Below, I'll set some basic parameters for a new park. Within those parameters, you're going to imagineer the park, and post your ideas. There is no "end", and no "prize", just the personal challenge of creating a park within a set of designated parameters and fleshing it out.

    Here goes:

    This new park should be like Disneyland, but with all new lands. We'll stick to a Main Street equivalent plus 4 other main lands, and assume they all branch out from the hub.

    It must have a castle or castle-equivalent. That is, while not necessarily a castle, it must be an appealing grand structure that acts as the gateway to one of the lands.

    The other lands must have gateways, and they should be described.

    Each land must have, at minimum, 3 attractions, 1 store, and 1 restaurant. The exception to this is the main street equivalent, which doesn't have to have attractions. You may have as many MORE of each as you feel like coming up with.

    You must have 4 e-ticket quality attractions, but it doesn't have to be one per land. E-ticket can mean either high-thrill (space mtn) or high-quality (pirates). Please label the attractions fulfilling this requirement.

    This park would theoretically be placed right next to Disneyland, so while you can have lands with similar components, you must be careful not to carbon-copy a theme. That is, it must be different enough that the two parks could exist side-by-side.

    Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...

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    Re: Armchair Imagineering Challenge

    Here is another thread already devoted to this type of contest.


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      Re: Armchair Imagineering Challenge

      Originally posted by Disneyphile
      Here is another thread already devoted to this type of contest.
      Thanx Disneyphile. Unfortunately, TheBob's internet woes continue with no apparent end in sight. In short, the previous challenge is dead in the water, so Morigoon is basically taking command of it it seems, just to get things moving since it was a cool idea. You can bet I'm already thinking now, just need the time to plan it out though.
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        Edit: Okay, I've got more...

        Branching off the villains area is a building that looks very much like a Viking stave church (like they have at Epcot). This is the entrance to a large showbuilding featuring a Pirates-style E-ticket attraction on Vikings, keeping the same lighthearted tone to it, but ending in a viking funeral (with burning boat, etc). One of the scenes includes a dungeon-ey jail, which also doubles as a fine dining restaurant for the villains area.
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        Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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          Re: Armchair Imagineering Challenge

          ok just cause the kid in me would totally love it.

          chagne fantasyland to midevil land: add an arena for jousting tournaments that occur throughout the day. short ones that are just tournaments not large produced shows like midevil times with good guy bad guy stuff. just a simple tournament. add in there a weapons store (a place to sell those lightsaber things ect) on the outside it would look like a midevil weapons store though. snow white, sleeping beauty dark ride, sword in the stone dark ride, beauty and the beast dark ride, themed outdoor vending with only a few stores (the heraldry and the weapons). perfect theming for turkey legs right!

          ok tis just a start but expand on it. get those creative juices flowing.


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            Re: Armchair Imagineering Challenge

            Morrigoon has got it right. :bow: I am glad that you created the guidelines to "mimic" Disneyland. After all, it is a great park and there are many "tricks" that Walt did there that make the whole experience better. :thumbup:

            I like your own personal vision too. :clap: There are so many variations on the "Disneyland" design. I am going to work on a "California" theme because I personally believe that it could have worked for DCA.

            But there are many others that could be done too.

            I will report back after I have worked out some details.
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              Re: Armchair Imagineering Challenge

              My plans aren't as descriptive as they should be because, well, I'm tired and it's been a LONG day (sorry Goonie, you can spank me next time you see me for not following orders ). But I wanted to share my idea.

              My park is called Disney's SPACE, an entire theme park dedicated to the past, present, future and whimsical aspects of space travel and beyond.

              "Main Street" would be as if you were walking down the street of a "Main Street" from a planet inhabited by humans that have ventured off to a far off galaxy to explore the universe, complete with space themed stores and cafes and such. And instead of horse drawn buggies and early 1900 cars, there'd be some funky transport system to take guests from the entry plaza to the hub.

              The "castle" would be a kinetic solar system sculpture with the sun at the center and the planets and such spinning around it with a dark ride underneath (think of the sculpture being built on top of a building, with rock-like formations surrounding the building to hide it with the sculpture on top) that would tour our solar system and visit the planets and moons etc. An informative and fun attraction!

              To the left of the hub would be a land dedicated to say, pre 20th century visions of space travel (not all Jules Verne but some). There could be an ancient Chinese section with a possible "space shot" ride themed to the emperors chair with rockets underneath it that is said to have blasted him into orbit. A Jules Verne section with a "trip to the Moon" roller coaster, and a Greek section with an Orions Belt spinner ride and maybe some attractions for children and families to enjoy dedicated to the constellations.

              Behind the hub and through the solar system would be current and future space travel. There could be Mission:Space located here. An indoor roller coaster-type ride called Space Race which would be a twin racer coaster with one side being Apollo and the other being Soyuz with themed cue lines dedicated to each country. An updated "Horizons" from EPCOT could be here too with visions of life in the future where space travel is the norm.

              To the right of the hub, would be a land with an alien theme. It could be an intergalactic spaceport with alien face characters walking around interacting with the guests. Alien Encounter (the original scary one) would be here, a Stitch dark ride, and maybe some water ride themed to an alien planet (i.e. you get transported to this planet and ride this water ride).

              Anyway, these are some of my ideas.


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                Re: Armchair Imagineering Challenge

                No spankings for you, good ideas all!

                Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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                  Re: Armchair Imagineering Challenge

                  As I think about it, Disneyland covers almost everything related to Europe and North America since the 17th century and even has Dinosaurs! It's hard to come up with something that wouldn't already work in Disneyland.

                  Here I go, minus a few rides, but it's the theme that counts...

                  Disney's Ancient World would open with Ancient Rome. A side street called Pompeii steet would have periodic rumblings and about where the opera house is now would be The Olympia Temple with the great statue of Zeus inside and a show on how the greek and roman gods were worshipped and marketed in ancient times. At the entrance to Rome Street would be the Colosus of Rhodes spanning the waterways through which the Viking explorer ships would travel around the rest of the known world (park). The stores would be themed with Roman trade from around the ancient world. The Rome street Viking ship loading area would be themed to a Roman port for trade. At the end of Ancient Rome street would a temple hub leading to the different lands.

                  The straight ahead land would have giant gates to Ancient Egypt and towering above them would a giant pyramid enclosing an Egyptian trip to the afterlife in the form of a dark coaster. A long stone street lined with columns would make the view quite dramatic.

                  In place of Frontierland would be gates to beyond the last Roman outpost. Vikings and other "less civilized" ancient cultures would reside here. It would even be fine to have a ride focused on the origins of man.

                  In place of Tomorrow Land would be Babylon and it's Hanging Gardens and waterfalls. Babylon would be the center of live entertainment.

                  Each main land would have a viking ship trading post (stop), thus allowing the vikings to effectively connect the lands.
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