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Japanese-language Experience (Tours, etc.)


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  • Japanese-language Experience (Tours, etc.)

    I'm currently in the process of arranging a visit for a group of Japanese exchange students who will be coming in the springtime. I have all the basics down (Priority Seating for meals and Fantasmic!, Fastpasses, etc.), but I'm having a little bit of trouble when it comes to arranging things so they can enjoy it in a language they can understand.

    I'm sure the DLR offers foreign language tours just because its mentioned in our CM guides. However, when I talked to Guest Relations, they seemed to be baffled by the idea (though they might have thought it weird that I was asking about it in English, lol).

    Anyway, has anyone ever taken a Foreign Language tour before? Would you recommend it? Is it any different from any of the tours offered in English?

    Also, has anyone used those devices available at City Hall/DCA Guest Relations that allow people to experience the attractions in other languages. How do they work? Would you recommend them?

    Thanks in advance!
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    Re: Japanese-language Experience (Tours, etc.)

    I have brought Japanese High School students to D-land for the past 17 years. Their English is good enough to spend the day there and thoroughly enjoy it. DLR has Japanese language maps so I would hand those out and send the kids on their way. I think it is similar when I went to DL Tokyo and traveled in Europe. You might not "get" everything, but you will still have a good time with friends at a new place discovering new things.

    By the way, you might check if your students would rather go to DCA because they may have been to Tokyo DL and want something different than a magic kingdom. My group typically rated DCA higher than D-land. Before Universal Studios went into Osaka, my students preferred Universal over D-land. Now that they have both over there, DCA comes up slightly ahead.

    Remember to give them your cell number in case an emergency comes up.


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      Re: Japanese-language Experience (Tours, etc.)

      Normally, I would agree with you that the best way for them to experience the park would be to give them maps and let them lose. However, in this case their teacher has asked to have some sort of structure to their visit (I didn't get all the reasoning, but this teacher has some control issues, just judging from my previous experiences with her).

      I might take them to DCA though, just to show them something a little bit different. Hopefully the construction won't be too bad around that time.

      However, from what I have been told, none of them have ever been outside their region of Japan (they're from eastern Osaka prefecture, so basically the Kansai area), so I think either one will end up being sufficient.


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