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Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07


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  • Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

    Hey MCers! This is my SECOND TR and I'm happy to share these photos with you! WHOO!!! Ok! Let's get started because there's a lot of pictures!

    So I went to the park with my bf. Never been there during the holidays, so it was a first for the both of us! It was also our four year anniversary! WOO!

    Trip to DL started out EARLY for us. Left my apartment in West Sacramento around 6am to drive to the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit) station so I can leave my car and take the train to Oakland International Airport. From there, we take a 12:20pm flight to John Wayne Airport!

    Never been to this airport before, and I think it's cute. Once there, we grabbed our bags from baggage claim, got on the Disney Magic Express (er something like that) and got to our hotel, the Orange County Hyatt!!

    Very nice hotel. I stayed here this past summer for an anime convention (AX!! woot woot!) and I enjoyed their services and thought the price wasn't so bad. After taking a nap, we headed to Downtown Disney to get dinner and watch the Anaheim Ducks game at ESPN Zone. Unfortunately, football heads were in town (Dallas vs. Greenbay) and they were only showing the Ducks game on two screens. =( So we opted to head back to the hotel for some room service and Geography Channel viewing. After a long day of travelling, we deserved it.

    The next morning, we discovered that it was raining!!! Not again! Our last visit to the park together had rain! =( But that played to our advantage. Rain = shorter lines! All we needed was a Mickey poncho and a Mickey umbrella! We caught the 7:30am shuttle to the park, and saw how wet the park was.

    Too bad we're not going inside the park just yet. We had reservations at Story Teller's Cafe! It was sooo good!

    And who could deny...

    I enjoyed my meal!!

    And then it was time for the characters to come by and politely interrupt us!

    This last one is funny because Dale saw me checking my phone for a text message and he snatched it and gave a "That's rude!" gesture! And then he proceeded to analyze my phone and try to play with it! haha!

    After a breakfast, we dragged our full bodies to DLR! Got our tickets "tinkerbelled" and then I ran to City Hall to get our Happy Anniversary pins! Then we hitched a ride to the castle because it was raining, and Main Street could wait for another dry day.

    Got to the castle when I noticed this!

    WOOHOO! I'll be alive then!!

    First ride on the list: NEMO! First time for us!

    Thought the ride was nice, but the story was confusing. I prefer the old submarine ride. More scary! After that we did Space Mountain!

    I hate my expressions on Space Mountain. I never know where the camera is! =(

    Next we ventured towards Adventureland, Frontierland, and New Orleans, where we watched the Tiki birds, rode Indy, Pirates, Haunted Mansion, and Mark Twain!

    Look what I found next to the store by Bengal BBQ!

    Never noticed them before! Live birds!

    These are so cute!

    No strenuous rowing for today! Phew.


    yes, I am.

    Can I buy this and put this on my door?

    Our captain on the Mark Twain was awesome. Haha!

    The next day, I have to finally face my fear and ride Splash Mountain. =((((

    After discovering people weren't screaming on BTMRR because it was down, we decided to head to Tomorrowland to ride Star Tours and Astro Blasters, and then on to Fantasyland to ride everything there, except Peter Pan because that's always so long.

    So gloomy looking. I can't wait to see it at night!

    So that's their secret...

    My bf's first time on Dumbo. I hadn't been on it in like 15 years! What a refreshing feeling!

    Poor teacups..

    Looks so tropical from this angle, including the typhoon-like weather.

    Time for It's A Small World! Loved the holiday decorations!!!

    Then when our boat emerged from the tunnel...we were rewarded with such a magnificant sight!

    After a nice country ride on Autopia, we rode Pirates once more and then had a life changing experience. DOLE WHIP. Never had one before... and I don't know why. But this is definitely a MUST EAT at DLR.

    Then we decided to kill some time before the fireworks, so we did some window shopping on Main Street.


    Aw, such a cute angry duck.

    He's holding a mini Mickey Ears!

    Main Street never ceases to amaze me.

    After the lovely fireworks show!!! It's so beautiful!

    Afterwards, we decided to call it a night, and head back to the hotel to soak our feet in warm water and knock out.

    Next morning!!! NO RAIN! WOO!!!!

    Didn't get to take pictures of this before, but here's the set up for the Candlelight Procession.

    After a nice walk down Main Street, we headed over to Adventureland to ride the Jungle Cruise now that it was not raining! After that we rode Indy, Pirates, HM, and then BTMRR!!

    i like these a lot.

    Does he move around, or is it just me?

    These are always fun!

    Look at me holding it like a bazooka...=(

    View from Rancho.

    My mum would love these in her garden...

    Mark Twain!

    Hey there, Jack!

    These are awesome touches.

    I'd actually buy a clock like this!

    Had to use Fast Passes. It was a busyyyyy day.

    We got closer and closer...and I started getting more nervous.

    So finally the moment had come. My first ever ride on Splash Mountain. Now, I'm not one for rollar coasters or any kind of thrill ride that might send me up-chucks. So I really had to prepare myself for Splash. I rode Pirates THREE times before I could handle the BIGGER drop. So I got over my fears, came close to crying, and got on that log. Here is the result.

    TERROR. sheer and utter terror. Can't you see it in my face? Haha! Much thanks to my bf for supporting me and making me feel better throughout the ride and afterwards. Seeing him soak and wet was quite the reward. That's what you get for sitting up front!

    Look who came to greet us at the exit of Splash!

    A bathroom break by Hungry Bear and a chance meeting with one of the resident kitties of DLR!

    Mark Twain passes by.

    Time to use those Fast Passes for HM! At this point, we're riding HM more than Pirates.. hmph! Right after HM, it was time for the delicious Blue Bayou!!

    Darn, didn't get my shopping done in time.

    Pumpkin Santa.

    Such great decorations!

    I starved myself for this moment...

    best. gumbo. ever.

    Awwwwww yeah. This hit the spot.

    Happy Anniversary from the Blue Bayou! =)

    Before heading to DCA, we decided to check out Tarzan's Treehouse, since I never dared going on it before. I must say, it was nice!

    Baby Tarzan?

    There's a good kitty...!


    British flag waving proudly

    Dear Jane!

    pretty polka dotted flowers.

    Time for DCA where we tried to ride Monster's Inc., but it was down, and so we just got Fast Passes for Soarin', stopped by Santa's Beach Blast party, went to the Sorcerer's Workshop, then Grizzly, and then finally Soarin'!!!

    Such a helpful mouse.

    Even the Golden Gate had a wreath to make me jealous of.

    ...From California..

    This took me by surprise.. I didn't know this was here!

    Of course Stitch would be here! He sure can dance!

    Max and a lucky girl!

    North Pole to California, eh? haha! Nice, Santa.

    I love Goofy's shirt. I want one for my dad!

    I love the Muppets, but one time is enough for me.

    I thought this was kinda random...

    Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of Snow White, there were illustrations everywhere! It was very nice!

    One of my favorite parts of the movie.

    Finally got to see the Toy Story Zerotope (is that what it's called??). Very awesome!

    Can't wait to see these two!

    Penny, right?

    Time for Grizzly!

    To kill some time, we went to Redwood Trail Challenge! Hadn't been here in a while!

    Yeah, I can't do those.

    Evil net maze!

    Didn't make it easier when my bf went RUNNING across and shook the whole thing!!!

    Down the log slides!

    After that exhausting hike, we headed towards Paradise Pier, and I finally met PUSH! YAY!!!

    He was being harassed by so many kids! Haha!

    He noticed me!! He asked if I was paparazzi, and then here he posed for me and said "cheese!" Then he demanded $10. And then he semi-chased me for $10. Haha! I hope to see him again!

    These decorations are so pretty!

    And of course DCA has their own tree!

    Even though I can ride Splash Mountain now, I'll probably never ride those.

    I was actually looking forward to riding the Zephyrs.

    This is so fun! But I didn't get to ride it. The bf is scared of it. HMPH.

    Look what else I'm never going to ride!

    I'm not afraid of heights, but moving compartments is pushing it!

    Time for some fun and games!

    I won a huge dolphin and this duck.. both are going to be toys for my kitty.

    The only way I'd ride Screamin' is if there wasn't a loop. Sorry guys.

    Ariel's Grotto


    Of course it's fish-themed.

    One of the prettiest carousels.

    HOLD ON!

    I actually wanted a purple otter, but this little girl got to it before me.. =(

    Sunset over DCA.

    I used to think this was a wolf when it first opened.

    Goofy helping out with the holiday lights!

    After Soarin', we headed back to DLR and discovered that the Candlelight was about to start. This made the park CROWDED! We made our way through the crowds towards Tomorrowland to ride everything but Space Mountain. Then we headed over to Frontierland to watch Billy Hill and the Hillbillies. Afterwards, we nabbed front row seats for Fantasmic. We were looking forward to a FOUR hour wait, in the cold. =)


    My favorite picture! Haha!

    After four COLD hours, it was time for the show!!!

    The colors remind me of a popsicle.

    There's the hero!

    Mickey has magical fireworks jets!

    The finale!

    Following Fantasmic, we stuck around for Believe in Holiday Magic!

    And then it snowed!!!

    I think the snow was made out of bubbles? Haha!

    Aftwards, we rode the teacups and the Matterhorn and then we called it a night. Once again we soaked our feets and knocked out.

    GOOD MORNING! This was our last day! =( But thankfully the characters were out and there was ZERO rain! So we made our way down Main Street towards New Orleans. Rode Pirates and HM and then PIRATE'S LAIR!!

    Chip and Dale say good morning!

    Donald Duck was signing autographs!

    My husband is in there...must..see..Captain..Jack..Sparrow..=P

    I love the random beads everywhere!

    cue the sad Charlie Brown Christmas music...=(

    I was SO happy they finally opened Pirate's Lair!

    There's the Columbia!

    After pumping the water, we found treasure! And...a friend!

    These skulls certainly looked real.

    He was just trying to hold his treasure..

    This is kinda sad..

    These didn't work so well. haha!


    What's the bucket for?

    A remnant perhaps??

    Cork nets!

    After exploring the caves and ACTUALLY getting lost in those tiny crevices, I found my bf again and we heard pirates singing!!!

    She looks tough.


    Ahhhh SWOON

    Of course there's a pirate's duel! GO JACK!


    Jack's got the map!


    After that, we rode Haunted Mansion again, and got a craving for Dole Whip..FLOATS..

    We enjoyed them, along with a lovely Tiki Room show!

    Before I knew it, it was NOON, and I knew that MCers were at the hub having their Sunday meet. Low and behold...MiceChatters!!!

    Looks like a lot of people! I was too shy to come over and say hullo. =P

    Took some nice shots of the castle, and then it was onwards to Carnation Cafe!

    Time for Carnation Cafe!

    The loaded baked potato soup was soooooo goooooood!!

    Time to wait for the parade!!!

    Headliner. Gissele...Enchanted is actually a pretty good movie!

    nice license plate!

    Pre-parade ballooons!

    And then the music sounded, and the parade started!

    I love his "shocked" expression! haha!

    So cute! I love Donald's shirt!

    Hang on, Pluto!

    Mrs. Claus!

    Genie was a crazzy driver!

    He made it snow!

    I loved their outfits!

    Can this moving tree MOVE into my living room? =)

    What pretty colors!

    I loved the snowmen and snowgirls haha!

    My favorite float!! Mickey and Minnie were so cute ice skating together and when she gives him a kiss, he gives that "mickey giggle"! SO CUTE!!

    MICKEY !!

    I didn't expect to see her in the parade!

    Father and son!

    I'd like TWO, please!

    Stepsisters and Stepmother!

    Ariel has legs!

    Dale has an acorn!

    From Santa.

    Woody wants us to be good for Christmas!


    I had a giant Mickey like that once when I was younger...wonder where he is now..?

    Where's your gold star?!

    I think these little guys are so adorable!

    Buzz says to be good!

    The dancing reindeer were great!


    SANTA! Nice to see that he's still giving out Raggedy Annes!

    Thanks for bringing the North Pole!

    I wanna take him home!

    It's a simple question...Do you believe?

    After the beautiful parade, we wandered into Tomorrowland and I challenged my significant other to another round of Astroblasters...I always get Level 5...and he improved to Level 3...=(

    After Astroblasters, we checked out the line for Space Mountain. TOO LONG. So we played in the arcade for a while...and guess who we saw playing air hockey???

    Look at that concentration! Although Buzz LOST, he was a good sport about it.


    For dinner, we went to the Golden Horseshoe, but unfortunately we missed Billy Hill, so we just decided to have a no-show dinner.

    I didn't need the ranch.

    Lovely place!

    After a somber dinner, and reflecting on the weekend, we shuffled back towards Main Gate to say our final goodbyes to DLR.

    Left the park around 6:50pm. Got to the airport around 8:30 to catch our 9:20pm flight. Unfortunately it was delayed twenty minutes.

    Finally we get on the plane. Got to Oakland Airport, got on BART. After about 40 minutes on BART, I found my car was still there and not vandalized (other cars weren't so lucky...). Then drove another two hours to West Sacramento. Didn't get back to my apartment until 2am. Can you imagine how exhausted we were?! HAHA!

    DLR was so awesome! We had so much fun and everything was as magical as always! I can't wait until my next visit (12.26.07)!!! THANKS MC FOR YOUR TIPS AND ADVICE! I learn a lot from you guys! Until THEN! THANKS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!

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    "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."
    -Walt Disney

    I thought I was holding it correctly.

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    Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

    Great Pictures and TR


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      Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

      Great pictures. I really enjoyed the parade and your pictures of it came out very well. Thanks for sharing.


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        Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

        Awesome report!! I love all of your pictures! And don't feel bad... they can't pay me enough money to get on Screamin' (even though there are certain MiceChatters who seem to think they will get me on it some day).

        And if you are ever there duing a meet again.. DON'T BE SHY!! COME ON UP AND SAY HI TO EVERYONE!!!

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          Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

          Wonderful trip report. Thank you so much for all the detail and commentary.

          One Question: Did you like Splash and would you go on it again?

          Thanks again,


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            Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

            awsome TR


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              Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

              Originally posted by aashee View Post
              Wonderful trip report. Thank you so much for all the detail and commentary.

              One Question: Did you like Splash and would you go on it again?

              Thanks again,
              I did end up liking Splash...and I will go on it again...hesitantly...haha!
              "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."
              -Walt Disney

              I thought I was holding it correctly.


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                Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

                Originally posted by rurounikengyrl View Post
                I did end up liking Splash...and I will go on it again...hesitantly...haha!

                Cool! It's much better when it's warmer, but the lines prove that.


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                  Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

                  ohhh so jealous! I can't wait to do the Disneyland Holiday next year!


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                    Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

                    Originally posted by rurounikengyrl View Post

                    Any one else notice anything in this picture? :lol:

                    A cast member lets say that!

                    Sorry I just had to point it out!

                    Great TR!!!
                    Har har har


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                      Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

                      Originally posted by garbear View Post
                      Any one else notice anything in this picture? :lol:

                      A cast member lets say that!

                      Sorry I just had to point it out!

                      Great TR!!!
                      By bf noticed it.....hahaha figures he would..
                      "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."
                      -Walt Disney

                      I thought I was holding it correctly.


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                        Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

                        That has got to be the longest post i have ever seen here and it was awesome


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                          Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

                          Your pics... even the ones of absolutely nothing in particular are gorgeous. Just amazing!

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                            Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

                            Whoa, awe-sum report!


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                              Re: Disneyland for the Holidays 11.29.07-12.02.07

                              Wow! Awesome, lengthy TR! I loved the pics of the decorations, parade, and castle in night.

                              Great job!
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