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Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?


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  • Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

    Has anyone visited the park(s) on a Superbowl Sunday? My family wants to visit sometime early in 2008. My sister thinks it will be dead that day. I'm thinking it will probably be still relatively busy, and a weekday would be better. I have an AP so I don't care when they go, but for their benefit I'd like to steer them in the right direction. Thanks!

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    Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

    In the past it's a always been a normal busy Sunday.

    Tell your sister many other people think the same way she does.


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      Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

      Ah yes, time for the old Super Bowl Sunday myth. It's a bit early this year, no?

      I have gone twice, and concur with the above. It is the same as any other Sunday. Not dead, but not packed.

      This myth will probably never die out... I look forward to this topic year after year, just about as much as the "should gays really have their own day at Disney?" thread that always happens about late September. :lol:
      Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?


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        Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

        The last time Super Bowl Sunday was slow at DL was the Last time the Super Bowl was played in LA.
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          Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

          Funny. I went once--granted this was about 10 years ago--and the parking lot now known as DCA was full and we ended up at a Burger King on Katella while I cried about not having gone to Disneyland that day.
          I don't see why it would be hugely packed though. Go for it
          dreams. come. true.


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            Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

            I went this year and it was very full at DL, and pretty much the same story at DCA (well, not exactly the same, but just imagine DCA with people ). I arrived at the parks early afternoon. Hordes of people were leaving, to watch the game, I suppose, and the place was still VERY busy. Never again.

            Well... maybe never again.


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              Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

              I haven't been at WDW on that day in a while, but I know in the past that it's been a slower than usual day (in the afternoon).


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                Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

                There was a time when the Park was slow on Superbowl Sunday, but that time is long past.
                These days it is a slightly busier than usual Sunday. There are a couple of things you should know, however. The crowds tilt heavily to women and children and the football fans clear the Parks in the afternoon to watch the game at ESPN zone or other places around the resort. On the plus side, the crowds who are there tend to be fairly mellow and laid back. So it can be a fun day.


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                  Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

                  just to clarify when is superbowl sunday?


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                    Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

                    Maybe this will help:
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                      Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

                      LA is far too big for any weekend at DLR to be anything but packed. No matter what the event there will always be enough people who will go.


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                        Re: Crowds on Superbowl Sunday?

                        From my experiences on Superbowl Sunday. Since the late 1990's when I went on SB Sunday it always seemed more crowded than a "normal Sunday" (whatever that is now??) The crowds semed to be made up of several groups who wanted to take advantage of a "light day"..

                        1. Folks from out of town (seemed like more of them than normal) who wanted to take advantage of a "light day.

                        2. Lots of extra "locals" who wanted to take advantage of a "light day"

                        3. Lots more mom's with strollers who wanted to take advantage of a "light day"

                        The end result was that all these folks wwho wanted to take advantage of a light day made for a heavier than normal day.

                        So... Long story short...

                        In my experience Superbowl Sunday is much more crowded day than a normal Sunday, even more than many crowded Saturdays.

                        If you want a light Sunday, it used to be less crowded the day after a holiday weekend (except between Thankjsgiving and New Years), or an event like Superbowl Sunday. So, the weekend after Suberbowl Sunday should be (well used to be) less crowded.

                        Just MHO, YMMV

                        CU@DL (But not on Superbowl Sunday, or any other holiday)

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