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Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007


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  • Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

    Hey, they are doing it in the WDW section, why not here too.

    So what are your favorite Disneyland memories from 2007?

    - Ringing in the new year with our MiceChat family (that's LAST NYE)
    - The 2nd anniversary weekend events. Dinner with the Dustyfishbulb's on one night, dinner with Rixter, Mickeymaxx, DisneyTim, Villains Fan and LuvsLilo the next. Does it get any better than that?
    - Convincing my Mom and MIL to get DL AP's. (MIL will be renewing even)
    - The fact that my MIL LOVES Tower of Terror
    - The Sunrise meet crazyness
    - Celebrating the kids birthdays at the parks
    - Having an awesome dinner during Gay Days at Alcatraz with awesome friends
    - Rooming with Villains Fan during Gay Days and our awesome Ho-Inn bar
    - The Early Morning crew during Gay Days weekend (you know who you are)
    - Belle pushing around O-Nut all day and him loving every minute of it.
    - 4 trips to Disneyland in the last two months of the year
    - Our Anniversary Quest (and I guess the person who put it together)
    - Cold nights at Disneyland, waiting for fireworks and candlelight processionals with awesome people
    - Villains Fan and her tree of lights, one of the cutest things I've EVER seen at Disneyland

    And so many more ...

    I think it's interesting how next to none of the best things about this year at Disneyland have to do with any rides, attractions or shows. It's all about spending time with those you love in the happiest place on earth.

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    Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

    Wow... there are so many!!

    Sneeking in a trip the first weekend in January of 07, and being able to spend some time with Princess Buttercup......

    Going to the April first Tram Chat meet, spending the entire day floating among different groups of MiceChatters and getting to know new people as well as spending time with ones I knew, meeting Barbaraann for the first time, closing down the Lost Bar, spending the night with Princess Buttercup, Neverneverland, and Stitchtt6.....

    Gay Days weekend and going to Mickeys Halloween treat with fellow MiceChatters Ksejr1, Clara, Wren and PrincessZ, helping out with Gay Days weekend and the MiceQuest, meeting SO MANY new people, hanging out at the Hearthstone before dinner for 40 at the PCH grill (and sitting across from the Clinks)....

    Going in December with my daughter and her fiance for what will be their last time for a while (since they moved to Nor Cal), and sitting in front of the castle and watching the lights come on, my daughter thinking we should ride Splash Mountain since the line was short and according to her, "we won't get that wet" and being soaked the rest of the day.....

    Those are the things that stand out most in my mind!

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      Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

      Me and the g/f going to DL for the first time together. It renewed my spark of love for all things DL (minus the pixar rides) and inspired me to become an AP for the 3rd time.
      So, for our first anniversary that is exactly what i got us, AP's. We have used, and enjoyed them whenever we can. Except most Sundays September through December, because i wont go if theres a Broncos game on. Thats just not right....

      Oh, and to add another. Going on Bat's Day this year and fondly remembering when i would wear all black outside when it was 95 degrees outside, and wearing make up and all that other fun stuff. Ahhh memories...

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        Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

        MiceChat is so great, but I'll give my favorite 2007 Disneyland memory. It had to be the anticipation of the Subs reopening. While the ride itself is good, the wait for it to actually open was so thrilling. It's been a while and I'm actually looking forward to riding it again.



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          Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

          For me, going to Disneyland for the very first time. Having to meet such great people while there (the MiceChatters). Having to be able to ride the Motorcars once again in Mr. Toad's Wild Ride. Having to watch how the Tiki Room really goes. Also, having to goto CA and the west side of U.S. for the first time too.
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            Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

            This one Friday Night in September, I got my Mom to babysit and took my wife on a 'spur of the moment' date - where we got ice cream and got on 'big kid' rides - like Space Mtn, Big Thunder, etc. With Grant, being that he's just a little fella', we can't extend far beyond the date night was nice.

            Also, my birthday was fun - and meeting the Walt's Warriors on Dec 2 and having breakfast Cafe Orleans (and also seeing you with your group sir clinksalot - good to see you that morning!)


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              Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

              Oh wow, there's so many...
              -Experiencing Rockin' California Screamin' and Rockin' Space Mountain.
              -Making friends with as many cast members as possible. )
              -Talking to every janitor that passes by, like Henry! XD (inside joke, lol)
              -Being able to sketch at the park for the first time.
              -Adventures with wheelchairs. (yet another inside joke)
              -Meeting Brer Fox for the first time.(I got a huge hug from him)
              -Riding the Subs for the first time in 12 years
              -Traveling around the park by myself for the first time
              -Testing out my new camera at the park (now I always bring it with me when I go)
              -Meeting the Mad Hatter for the first time in 5 years. (and had a memorable experience)
              -Going back to Goofy's Kitchen for the first time in 5 years
              -Making my friend a fan of Splash Mountain
              -Geppetto. XD (yes, another inside joke)
              -First time watching the Candlelight Ceremony
              -Taking a friend who hasn't been there since 2000/2001

              That's all I can think of for now, although i'm sure there's more.

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                Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

                Oh wow...I have several.


                1. Spending time with my family in DL during our annual August trip..this year it's May/June

                2. SINKING the pirates boat with all of my FLUFFY Friends... I miss you all

                3. Having my son honk the monorail horn at the DL Hotel station.

                4. Walking through the gates the first time that August day and seeing the beautiful Main street train station...brings chills to me right now.

                5. Making new friends at the Mice Chat meet the first Sunday in August.

                I'm sure that there are a million more...but those are some highlights for me.


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                  Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

                  Hey, I recognize this thread!

                  I went to DL for a few days this past year. My favorite memories - riding in the Lilly Belle on the Walts Footsteps tour. Seeing the Disney Gallery one last time. And going to my first MC meet at Cafe Orleans.


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                    Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

                    Crap, how could I forget:

                    Riding in the Lily Belle with my lovely wife for our Anniversary
                    Breakfasts at Ralph Brennans ... er, Cafe' Orleans


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                      Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

                      Screaming "HOUSEKEEPING!!!!" up and down Tower of Terror!


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                        Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

                        NICE THREAD!

                        1. Going to Disneyland for the first time with my bf for our anniversary!
                        2. Riding Space Mountain for the first time!
                        3. Riding the subs after almost 16 years!
                        4. Getting the courage to ride Splash Mountain for the first time and then end up LOVING IT!
                        5. POTC!!!!!
                        6. Trip with sister and bf during the holidays!

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                        -Walt Disney

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                          Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

                          Oh - the subs. That was pretty great too!


                          Favorite TDL Typo:

                          Originally posted by TDLFAN
                          I think it will give more pipping pervs the reason needed to go parasailing
                          on Bay Lake.


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                            Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

                            This was a pretty good DL year And getting to spend time and
                            meet in person other MiceChatters is right at the top! So many fun times!!!!!!

                            Dream Event in September ~ purchasing some of the 50th B-Day Castle Jewels!!!!!
                            Getting my picture taken up close to some of the crowns that were on the castle,
                            having Stacia Martin do a Roger Rabbit drawing for me, tasting my very 1st
                            "Lobster Corn Dog"! And spending some time with Jonathan and Katrina, who
                            made some sizable purchases!

                            Camp Pin-E-Haha event in June ~ Although I didn't get to see my favorite Disney
                            Bear, Humphrey, at least I got to see 4 of the Country Bears perform along with
                            4 of the original Mouseketeers! Trading for one of the large pirate Mickey Gold Coin
                            Pins. And this trip I got to see experience the subs for real and in the special room
                            and got to see the newly refurbished Tom Sawyer Island! Also went to see Pirates 3
                            at the El Capitan Theater.

                            Mickey's Halloween Treat ~ I went to DCA's Halloween Treat at the
                            beginning of Gay Days, and wanted something unique, but still Disney, so I created
                            a new "previously unknown" Disney Character Cruella DeVil's much younger brother,
                            Victor Edward DeVil (aka VickEd DeVil). I had a blast introducing this new character
                            and reminding Cruella that I was her younger brother. And yes, Anastacia and
                            Drusilla did fight over me, while Lady Tremaine gave me "the eye"! Best compliment
                            were the cast members who let Cruella know I was in the park, and the cast members
                            who laughed when they saw the picture I had of Cruella with the words "Have You
                            Seen My Sister?". There were some great photo ops and a fun tiny parade.

                            Gay Days ~ What can I say!?!?!?! From Alcatraz with so many wonderful
                            Micechatters!!!! (the Alcatraz restaurant, not the prison,tee-hee-hee)
                            to a fun times at the Hearthstone (I won't go into all the details ) ,
                            meeting up with Edna Mode and Momma at Wonderland. Oh, yes we did do
                            a mini Mice Quest, that was fun!!!! And that's right, nearly the entire group
                            of Mice Chatters who went in to see the Tiki Room came out as Year of a
                            Million Dreams Winners of the Pins and Lanyards!!!! (I still think Disney was
                            trying to bribe us Micechatters for some positive spin on their errant campaign
                            -tee hee hee)

                            Disneyland'nd 52nd Birthday Trip ~ Celebrating DL (and my B-day) at DL,
                            getting a chance to go to Club 33. Spending time with MANY micechatters
                            during the 2 part MiceQuest! Once again, time with phenomenal MiceChatters
                            Dusty, Fishy, Monorail Main, Rick and Lu. (and a special thanks to Dusty for
                            the finishing touches on my hair, before seeing "Hairspray" )

                            New Year's Eve/Day (1-1-07 and 12-31-07) ~ Yep! Began and ended the
                            year with Disneyland! and Micechatters! Meeting old and new friends at both
                            times. Also got to see Enchanted and the Enchanted Experience at the
                            El Capitan Theater, met several princesses, and Giselle at the event.
                            Critter Country's a mess ev'r since the Country Bears were kicked out. Ya can't cover pooh with honey and 'spect people ta like it.
                            An Adventurers It's Time to Put the Spotlight Back on Bring Back the REAL Disney Gallery
                            Life for Me! ~ ~ ~ Melvin, Buff, and Max!!! ~~~~ Dump the Dream Suite!
                            Meese-ka Moose-ka Mice-Chatter!


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                              Re: Your favorite Disneyland memories of 2007

                              I made probably ten visits to the park this year, certainly the most I'd ever made to the park in the 25 years since I'd left Disney's employment.

                              in January, the 2nd anniversary meet was spectacular (the first anniversary was my very first MC meet)

                              Others that stand out in my mind... the "Driving Miss Judimouse" Sunday where I had the honor of pushing her wheelchair, and having breakfast with her at Carnation...

                              And the Sunday where I spent the entire day and night, more or less, with LostBoy.

                              And making so many new MC friends, having more fun with the ones I made before

                              And finally realizing that I could just be myself, and folks would accept me as I am

                              God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.


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