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My little Mermaid Darkride idea


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  • My little Mermaid Darkride idea

    I made this post at MIboards but for those of you who don't go there here's my Little Mermaid darkride idea, I basicaly copied and pasted so there might be one or two flaws in it but I doubt it :lol:

    If you want to see were this darkride building would be located check out my LA Expansion thread that includes an airael map of DCA.

    Many of us have been talking about what kinda ride we'd add to balance out DCA and for the most part we just quote a rumor or a clone of something from another Disneyland park or maybe an idea that was never really built.

    Well I decided to make up my own ride layout. It's inspired mostly by the little mermaid rumor, but I decided to tweak things around to make the rider to focas of the ride rather then just riding through the movie.

    I'll start with the location and que. The ride would be located in either the Peir or the Warf (the Peir because there's already Mermaid stuff there or the Warf because of fishermen it really depends on space and how complicated they want the construction to be). Outside the ride Scuttle would act as like the bird infront of Pirates at WDW or how the old Tiki Room bird used to act and say stuff to the crowed to spark interest in the ride.

    The que would start out being themed to a fishing shack or whatever those shed like storage things are that you'd find on a dock or boat like thing (basicaly fishing and sailing stuff would be stacked around everywere) on the walls they'd have pictures of scenes from the Mermaid Movie (youknow all artistic looking ). as you progressed through the que it would become more of a cave type structure with alot of coral and tidepool type stuff. The que would also be decorated with screens built into the walls to look a bit like fish tanks but it'd have cell shaded brightly colored tropical fish inside (cell shading is a technique in 3D graphics were you texture everything to look like a cartoon rather then textured to look like real life, aka bold black outlines like in cartoons and nice bright colors) there would be motion simulators around the screens so if you made fast/sudden movements around the fish the fish would jerk back away from the glass or area were the motion occured

    Then you would round a corner and it'd be time to load onto the omnimover. From here I'll use numbers to reference scene's and what you'd see as you go through the ride via numbers on my map that I've drawn up.

    1. Part one is of course the loading station it'd have speedramps much like the Haunted Mansion load area. it'd be themed to docks and the omnimover vehicals would have the dome type thing like the mansions do and they'd be themed to clam shells. there would be a small scene of the ocean with to the side opposite the load side with Flounder swiming in the water waving to you as you head out for your adventure.

    2. The omnimovers then turn backwords (much like how you go backwords into the graveyard scene in the Mansion) and you begin your decent down under the sea here they project a bubble splash type effect at the top and tons of cell shaded tropical fish swimming all around you as you make your way down.

    3. Coming out of the dive area you find yourself in Ariel's treasure room were you see all of her things from the human world that she's collected. It would be constructed much in the style that TDS has for their walkthrough with lotsa things to look at everywere. Also here you would see that water ripple shadow effect that water casts on the ocean floor this effect would be prominent throughtout the entire attraction.

    4. In this scene you would enter King Triton's thrown room and see a King Triton animatronic sitting on his throne with a couple of mermaids (also animatronics) close by. At this point I'm not quite sure what they'd say or how there reaction would be but at this point in the attraction you should be feeling fairly welcomed into this world

    5. This would be the room that holds the big singing part of the attraction (much like how the Mansion has it's graveyard scene and Pirates has the burning city) Sebastian (as a very fluid and expressive animatronic) would sing "under the sea" to you and you'd see tons of fish animatronics everywere playing their music and just generaly having a good time. Here there'd also be tons of bubble effects everywere going up glass tubes and stuff making this area pretty neat to look at with tons of things happening everywere.

    6. As you move out of the Song room you'll begin to notice that now some of the fish are looking rather scared and the ocean water (which would be a reletivily bright blue up till now) is growing darker. You enter some scary looking caves and as you move through it see those worm things that Ursula turns Mermaids into, further on you see her two eals (Flotsam and Jetsam) stairing at you from the dark. As you round a corner you come face to face with a Ursula animatronic who is angered that you have invaded her territiory.

    7. You quickly make your escape moving upwords out of the water. Here dark water, moving curents and bubbles are projected all around you (with a bit of dark ink thrown in )

    8. In this scene you immerge from the water in a huge storm and a now giant Ursula animatronic is attacking you with her many tenticles coming out of the water all over the room (here you would also see lightning in the distance much like Indy or I hear the Phantom Manor has some lightning and storm effects in Leota's room) as you move a little further around the Ursula animatronic it is revealed that King Triton (as an animitronic naturaly ) is fighting her protecting you from her wrath. His trident glows and an electric shock is projected over Ursula as if every time she tries to attack you she is fended off by King Triton's trident. Two Mermaids point the way for you to escape and you head out of this scene.

    9. Here is were you exit the ride onto another speedramp that takes you up and out of the building (much like the Haunted Mansion) on one wall (the wall that your vehical sits next to) is a painting of the storm dissapating. On the speedramp side you can look over and see a scene of king Triton making a Rainbow with his trident and the mermaids waving goodbye to you as you head out to see what other adventures await in California Adventure.

    10. I put this area here because I noticed that the HM has a big nothing area were the doombuggies turn around head head back to loading so I decided to leave myself a small space like that just incase it has some purpose I don't know about (like a quick whiping of possible vomit from some weirdo who gets sick on a slow moving ride, or possibly an area were castmembers sceretly club people who refuse to get off the ride and then throw them outside the berm of the park )

    ok and as we all know after this you would most likly exit into a themed shop of some kind selling lotsa mermaid stuff. I also think that a Meet and greet would also work well for an area of this exit (so exiting the ride you go into the store but in a far corner of the store there is an Ariel meet and greet ) the store should probably be themed like the Kiss Da Girl store in DisneySea

    anywho what do you guys think of my idea?
    "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"

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    You NEED to call Disney Legal and get this copywritten, or some one will steal your idea!! Call them and tell them you idea!!


    • #3
      Oooh, I like it. It captures the original essence of a dark ride (character's point of view) and holds all the charm and appeal of the other Fantasyland attractions. Especially the giant Ursula segment. It reminds me of Monstro's appearance in Pinocchio for some reason. I don't know.

      And just a suggestion, shouldn't there be a painted mural of your usual 'And They Lived Happily Ever After' scene with Ariel and Eric? Other than that, great idea.
      I lurk.


      • #4
        Looks great.......Sounds like a E-Ticket rather than some C-ticket dark ride...........they need to build this now
        Waiting for Godot


        • #5
          Euro Disneyland Imagineering came up with a Little Mermaid dark ride
          with some similarities to this one back in the early 1990's.

          Click here.


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            (I have "under the sea" as my ring tone )
            Marge: Barnacle Bill's Home Pregnancy Test? Homer, shouldn't we have gone with a better-known brand?
            Homer: But Marge, this one came with a corn-cob pipe!
            Marge: [reading from the test box] "Ahoy, Maties! If the water turns blue, a baby for you! If purple ye see, no baby thar be!"
            Homer: So, which is it? Blue or purple?
            Marge: Pink.
            Homer: D'oh!
            Marge: "If ye test should fail, to a doctor set sail!"


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              "Let's do it"


              • #8
                this was great... as i was reading i can just see scenes of the movie slowly transforming into the ride... amazing if you know someone from disney get it copywritten and send it to them! its time someone put something new in that little cheap fair on the oceon they call california adventure!


                • #9
                  As Adam Sandler and Rob Schneider say:

                  "You can do it!!"


                  • #10
                    thanks for the positive responce guys

                    I'd love to send this idea into disney but from what I understand if I did that they wouldn't use it (too bad I'd be willing to sign legal papers with WDI themselve and such)

                    I did call Disney and I'm looking into eventualy working my way into an Imagineering career so that hopefully I could have a hand in designing ideas like this one day

                    and yes the ride would be an Eticket (in the style of the Haunted Mansion I think)

                    it would counterbalance very well the offerings of the Pier and use it as a setting for a magical type transferance making the Pier an area actualy worth keeping

                    a darkride does well because old pier parks used to have darkrides AND it gives Disney fans everything they've been wanting while paying tribute to a great character, not to mention how much the gift shop would sell PLUS merchendising events (aka to Disney Management this would be a win win win)
                    "We all have sparks, imagination! it's how our minds... create creations!"


                    • #11
                      Originally posted by Jspider
                      not to mention how much the gift shop would sell PLUS merchendising events (aka to Disney Management this would be a win win win)
                      You can never have too much plush!!


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                        ~ Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday tomorrow and fantasy


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                          You've got great plans there...I hope the dream becomes reality.


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                            This ride would make the peir and DCA overall so much better.


                            • #15
                              Wonderful idea!

                              Jspider you sound very creative. You seem to know how to design a great ride. I would love that they would bring the Little Mermaid to DCA. It would fulfill the need for more rides that the whole family would enjoy!
                              Jiminy Cricket Fan

                              Love Disneyland and Walt Disney World!


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