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Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!


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  • Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

    Most of you already know the news, so there's no reason why anyone should wonder as to the reasoning behind me traveling to Disneyland from New York during the most busy time of year. I have never been to any Disney park for the holidays, and when NNL told me should couldn't get time off of work to visit her family for Christmas, and she was pretty much going to be all alone, that was all I needed to hear to book my flight to prepare to celebrate Christmas a little later, but with more meaning.

    I arrived late the day after Christmas, and the first few days were going to be spent at NNL's apartment, since she still had to work. It was a little lonely, but still a great experience to know that I was waiting for her when she came home from work. We also planned each evening to have a few little outings. First, we ordered pizza and watched National Treasure on DVD, since she had never seen it before. The next night was spent seeing Enchanted at the El Capitan. What a gorgeous theater! It truly was wonderful to see such an adorable movie in such a marvelous place! We went to the experience after, so NNL could meet the princesses, and we just had a great time there and at the soda fountain next door.

    All photos can be seen here.

    NNL and her new favorite dress.

    I didn't realize everything was so close together! Kodak Theater, Chinese Theater, Walk of Fame! So touristy, but hey, I've never been.

    Of course we had to find them all.

    This was in the parking garage. I'm not sure exactly what it means, but I think it's ironic it's in the yellow section.

    The next night was spend out to dinner and playing board games with Disney1978 and dontbecheekin. It was a lot of fun overall, but the next day was the big day....Disneyland!
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    Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

    I found this to be funny. Someone just earased the "S" and the "D".

    Nice TR. Great pics!
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      Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

      Originally posted by yoyoflamingo View Post
      The next night was spend out to dinner and playing board games with Disney1978 and dontbecheekin. It was a lot of fun overall, but the next day was the big day....Disneyland!
      Where we learned not to play any Disney game against YoYo! You can look at the high scores of the games on Micechat and figure out who beat us :lol:

      Great start YoYo, I cannot wait to hear the weird comments that you heard while you were here.


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        Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

        Poor YoYo - he gets a teensie bit of his report up (finally, I might add) and already people are clamoring for more!!

        Aren't they?

        Or is that just me saying "hurry up!!!" um, please?

        Srsly can't wait to see the rest!!
        I love my awesome crazy wonderful friends!!

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        then 10 seconds later you�d be playing like you were best friends?"
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          Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

          Ok, next day., after very little sleep we headed to DL for a three day trip, culminating in the big New Years Eve, MC extravaganza. Here are some highlights:

          All excited on the parking tram.

          The tree!

          Traditional, "we're under the tree" picture.

          I love how most of the lands are decorated. Here's Frontierland.

          Even this little penny game in Frontierland gets decorated, giving Woody a little tree!

          New Orleans Square.

          Critter Country

          We spent much of the morning hitting the popular attractions and collecting Fastpasses, unaware of how crowded it was going to get. It really wasn't too bad for us, the worst being the 20 minute wait for Space Mountain Fastpasses in the morning. The line for the Fastpasses was all the way down the ramp!

          Reindeer Roundup. Santa was outside, so we took advantage.

          I LOVE this ride!

          Already preparing at Plaza Pavilion.

          Preparing for the Gumball Rally?

          Disneyland really outdoes itself with the Christmas decorations. I really couldn't get enough of it.

          Walt putting the star on his tree.

          We left Disneyland fairly early because we wanted to check into the Hojos, and we had dinner reservations at Steakhouse 55, and wanted to check out the grounds first as well. Also, there was another question that needed asking too...
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            Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

            More, more, more. P. S. I think Giselle's dress would look wonderful on NNL.


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              Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

              :clap: Oh this is just soooo cool!!!! You two are just the most adorable couple!!!

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                Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

                OK, so when we got to the hotel, we checked in and found our room. However, once we saw the double doors after getting off the elevator, and entered into a suite, I was a little worried I had gotten the wrong reservation. But, after calling the front desk, I got our suite for the price I booked, since there were no king rooms left. What a great New Years Gift! And the perfect day for it as well!

                Leaving for the afternoon.

                We saw this is the parking lot as we left for the Hojos

                Retro tree. I love the retro feel of this hotel. For some reason it screams 60's to me, and I love it!

                View from the entrance to our suite.

                The SECOND bathroom in the suite. I love this room. My only regret is that we didn't have time to enjoy it more and invite people over for a party. There's always another chance though, I am sure.

                View from the first balcony.

                View from the second balcony, (yes, there were two) later that night.

                I can see the Tower of Terror from my room!

                By this time it was time to head to the Disneyland Hotel for dinner, and for me to ask NNL an important question. I had been stressing about the ring even since I brought it home, making sure I didn't lose it or worrying it would be stolen. My biggest fear was walking through the baggage check, security would ask me to open it and ruin the surprise! Luckily, we made it to the hotel with the ring and my sanity (more or less) intact. First, we walked around the grounds a little...

                The DL hotel tree!

                What does that block under the tree say? Could it be a sign?

                I had been thinking long and hard about where to propose. The solution I came to, to be slightly less cliche, and to avoid the crowds in the park, was to ask on the grounds at the hotel. Since the waterfalls were turned off by the time we had gotten to check them out back in July, we made it a point of visiting them this trip, since we knew they would add some mystery and romance to the trip. So, it seemed like a great place to ask NNL to marry me. However, once we arrived, the falls were running, but the gates underneath them were closed.

                Still pretty!

                So, off we went to visit the koi pond, which coincidentally was the place where we first kissed, and was also my plan B. So, after watching the water a little, I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me.

                She said yes.

                Now, I know most people will stop reading here, but I am going to finish the report anyway.

                After brief calls to our parents, we went, in a state of pure bliss, to our dinner. While the meal was pretty good, lowered a bit by the inattentive and uncaring waitress we had, it still was a wonderful experience to the trip and I'm glad we chose to eat there.

                Elegant tree outside the restaurant.

                After dinner, we headed over to DCA to meet Disney1978, Princess Buttercup and Westley and family, and Mousercise.

                DCA's tree is really pretty as well.

                Another one.

                Yay for the World of Motion Sea Serpent!

                After riding a few attractions with the group, including Tower of Terror with a GREAT photo at the end, NNL and I decided to brave DL until the end of the night to check out the snowfall at the end of the fireworks, since we missed the fireworks tonight.

                Yay snow! Early Dismissal! Oh wait....that's what I think at work...

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                  Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

                  I've stayed in one of those suites at Hojos too! They're a great size

                  Congratulatons again and wonderful TR!!

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                    Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

                    The next day NNL and I signed up for the Holidaytime at Disneyland tour. In the morning, NNL and I started our day in Fantasyland, since it wasn't too crowded, and those were a few of the attractions we hadn't ridden yet. And of course, Peter Pan's Flight was a priority, so we made sure to head over to that and Casey Jr. this morning. Also, I wanted to ride Storybookland, so I could see the Christmas decorations in there.

                    So cute with all the little trees and wreaths!

                    Soon however, it was time fro the meet, and the eventual tour. So, we made the meet, and quickly had to leave to be there for the tour to being. While the tour didn't offer much new information, it still was very informative and a lot of fun. Our tour guide was fantastic, and we even left him a compliment card in City Hall at the end of the tour.

                    The tour did help get us on 2 attractions almost immediately: Haunted Mansion Holiday and Small World Holiday.

                    Three of the few I took in Haunted Mansion. This one, I swear, the flash was an accident!

                    We rode during the day, but NNL and I also rode at night. Just can't resist all those lights...

                    Also on the tour, after our free cookie and mug of hot chocolate, was prioity seating for the Christmas Fantasy Parade. These seats are right from It's a Small World, right where the parade first comes out. They truly were great seats, and I thoroughly enjoyed not watching a Christmas parade only from the television. I also managed to snap the characters in some great poses.

                    My fiancee and I. Still getting used to saying that.


                    Fin-less Ariel


                    After a couple more attractions, and meeting a few MCers along the way, we decided to catch the fireworks tonight. I didn't take any pictures, because I wanted to enjoy them in all their glory, but I will say I loved them, and they truly were magical. After that, we hopped in line for Nemo, since it was half an hour long, and decided to head back to the hotel early, since it was going to be a long day the next day.

                    Some more things learned from the tour:

                    The eternal light is replaced with a Christmas tree for the holidays. So cute!

                    The menorah on Main Street.

                    After the fireworks.
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                      Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

                      Awww... you look so happy!

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                        Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

                        The big New Years Event!

                        NNL and I decided to sleep an hour later than usual, and we got to the park at 9 instead of 8.

                        I was on line to get into Disneyland, turned around and this is how close we were to DCA.

                        We ate breakfast at the Riverbelle. Surprisingly, I think this was the longest line we waited in all day, with the exception of getting a locker on Main Street. That truly was an insane experience, especially with a crazy lady who decided to bring a stroller into the madhouse, clogging up vital space in there!

                        NNL and I hit a few attractions before the met, and then met with everyone. The Diamond Horseshoe was a no go, so we grabbed some food at the Stage Door and met the group in Rancho. We then enjoyed the Tiki Rook, and NNL and I opted to use our Fastpasses for Splash Mountain, since it was finally warm enough to enjoy it. We later met the group for the Parade on Main Street, then headed to DCA for the rest of the night.

                        NNL being "cheeky"

                        After watching Block Party Bash (which was my first time seeing it. Didn't get me very excited, I'll admit) we headed to the Animation building.

                        Coolest. Thing. Ever.

                        Pretty soon it was time for dinner, and I will say, that that dinner was definitely one of the highlights of the trip. Of course nothing can top getting engaged, but I think the dinner was definitely up there. Such fantastic food! And even though eating on the patio was a little windy and chilly, everyone there went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable. The food was absolutely amazing, and the company was truly so fantastic. You really have no idea how wonderful the MiceChat community is until you spend time with them. Everyone is so welcoming, and whether it be your first meet or your thousandth, we are just one big family.

                        After the Electrical Parade, most headed off to the Cove Bar. Unfortunately, NNL has hurt her foot, so without a place to sit, we skipped the bar and headed down to Paradise Pier.

                        I think this was pre-evacuation.

                        The preparations in the Bay.

                        Even purple otters welcome the new year!

                        Full celebratory mode!

                        After a few attractions, NNL and I returned to the Cove Bar, but the group had left to use their ToT Fastpasses which we did not get, so we headed to Taste Pilot's Grille to sit and warm up a little before the big finish.

                        At 11:30, we made our way to the MC spot, and rang in the New Year with old and new friends. It truly was a fabulous experience. After, we headed to Soarin' the first attraction of the New Year, and NNL and I made our way to Disneyland until it closed. We managed a trip around the train, and a stop at Snow White's Grotto just before the park closed at 2AM.

                        Afterwards NNL drove me to the airport and we said our goodbyes. This was the hardest goodbye of all, especially since we are now in wedding planning mode. To make matters worse, it was about 5AM. We had been up since 8AM the night before. I didn't get home to my house until 6:30 my time that night. It was a long and grueling day, and I had work the next day!

                        I just want to thank MC again for being such a wonderful place! All of you are so welcoming, kind, and caring for everyone else, it truly makes a wonderful community and a wonderful family. I never would have met my future wife without this place, and I want to thank Dusty, Fishy, MM, Rixter, MickeyMaxx, and the entire MC crew for the wonderful community this has become! See you all for the rally and anniversary in a few weeks!

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                          Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

                          Great report YYF! I haven't told you yet, but congratulations. I'm very happy for you both.
                          Charlie :wave:
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                            Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

                            Awww s uch a sweet report!

                            The last photo by mousercise turned out real nice too didn't it?

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                              Re: Yoyo's NYE/Engagement Bliss!

                              Congrats, you two! :love:


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