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Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One


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  • Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

    Day One: Friday, January 11, 2008

    I had Friday off, so I hung out with a friend of mine in the parks. Thrax would be joining us later on in the day. I strapped in Stitch and we were ready to go!

    We arrived at the parking structure around 9:30 A.M and i caught sight of this:

    A banner advertising for Pixar Play Parade

    It was almost 10 AM so we went into DCA for park opening. As soon as the park opened, we headed towards Screamin'. On the way there, I saw a sign:

    So, apparently, they split Paradise Pier in half, so you have to go around in order to get to the other side.

    We rode Screamin:

    On the way out of DCA, I caught sight of Flick and Atta, so I grabbed a photo with them.

    Upon entering DL, I saw something that I didn't notice before:

    So, on our way to Space Mountain we go!

    When we exited Space Mountain, we met up with Thrax. We cut through Fantasyland and saw Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum coming our way. They positioned themselves on opposite sides of an abandoned churro cart. It was a funny sight to see when one was trying to purchase a non existent churro from the other, lol!!!

    The Tea Cups were covered in tarp.

    Thrax wanted to go on Pirates' Lair, and we did.

    We took a picture with Jack:

    Jack Sparrow examining Stitch, lol, :lol:

    My friend, Sparky, and Jack:

    We entered Dead Man's Grotto;

    Rest of Pirates' Lair":

    Went on Splash Mountain:

    *Memory hazy, please stand by.........*

    On our way through the castle, i saw Pinochioo and Gepetto near the wishing well and I wanted a picture with them. Pinochioo was being a bad wooden boy,

    I manged to get a group photo:

    I made our way into dca to catch the 1:50 P.M performance of "Aladdin" because Thrax hasn't seen it yet.

    Before the show:

    After the show, I caught Aladdin outside. I asked how he got out so fast and he said by Carpet!

    Then, we past by the stage in the HPB and saw Sorceror Mickey and I had to get him.

    Going back into DL, I saw White Rabbit, Mad Hatter, The Queen Of Hearts, and Alice were out at the Plaza Pavillion before the parade. I went to get pictures with them, but it didn't turn out well then I hopped that it would be.

    We rode BTMMR.

    Then, we headed over to Indy, but it was down, but opened up about 5 minutes later and went on that.

    Afterwards, we got on Jungle. when we got off, we just heard that DisneyIPresume just arrived at the parking structure so we waited for him to arrive. While waiting, I grab a snack at the Bengal Barbeque. when I got my order, I bumped into Wolfy and Wolfette.

    Soon, DisneyIPresume arrived, so Thrax walked through Tarzan's Treehouse while we waited.

    It was almost 5:30 P.M so we headed towards the Hub to wait for Rex 22 to join us.

    When he arrived, we grabbed some dinner at the Pizza Port.

    Thrax went to grab his jacket from his car, while we headed to DCA to hold spots for the Electrical Parade.

    Then, we changed our mind to go sit for fireworks.

    Stitch was tired!!

    After the fireworks, we headed to Nemo to wait in line.

    When we got off Nemo, it was close to closing time, so basically, we called it a night!!

    End Of Day One

    To Be Continued: Day Two

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    Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

    Wow. Can't wait for more.

    That's a LOT of pictures.
    Code Lee-Oh-Co (Or Jessica, if you want)


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      Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

      Nice Job! I love the Sparrow and Stitch pictures! :lol: And Dee and Dum... Classic!


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        Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

        I totally saw your stitch on parade route!!! haha!
        Jeff Wayne


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          Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

          Fun TR i always love the stitch pictures.
          so i was also there those 2 days, it was a last minute deal though, i got ditched by my sister at some point both days and was a loaner haha.. I remembered Thrax's thread and was on the look out for a man with a stitch doll.
          no luck though! i missed the meet at the hub by half an hour too =o.
          Better luck next time! glad you guys had fun!


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            Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

            Thanks for taking the time to show us STITCH's trip report.. ;o)


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              Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

              Great TR so far Dan! I love this pic ^^ )
              Home away from Home.


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                Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

                Great pics Dan, perhaps we now know what happened to Stitch 1.0.
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                Turtle, the dorks are going to take upskirt robot pics.


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                  Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

                  awesome pictures!!! i always love seeing your TRs!
                  "Disneyland will never be completed. It will continue to grow as long as there is imagination left in the world."
                  -Walt Disney

                  I thought I was holding it correctly.


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                    Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

                    Now on to Day Two!

                    Day Two: Sunday, January 13, 2008: The Noon Meet!

                    So, I got to the parking structure at 7:15 A.M, but they didn't open until 7:30 A.M. When I arrived at the toll booth, the sign read that the park opened at 9:00 A.M!!!!!!!!!

                    While waiting for the tram:

                    So, I listened to my iPod while I waited in line for the gates to open. By the time the gates did open, I realized that it was for Early Entry, so I got in another line. While waiting for the gates to open for the regular gates, there was a complication that I witnessed that can be told here:

                    I got in through the gates about 15 minutes before opening, so I dropped by the Opera House to visit a CM friend of mine. We talked for a very long time.

                    I then said my goodbye and headed straight to Space Mountain.

                    Next up, Buzz!! I was close to maxing out. I was number six. who did I see at number one??? BCC!!!

                    I looked over to Star Tours and saw someone I recognized and it turns out that he is DLCastmbr!!!

                    Stitch is too short to ride Star Tours!!

                    I walked towards Nemo to locate another CM friend ofmine, instead, I saw someone else I knew. He pointed out the hidden Nemo that i never noticed before. He mentioned that there was about 29 of them. These are the ones that he pointed out to me:

                    It was about time for the noon meet, so Stitch and I headed over to the Hub for the meet. I finally got to meet HauntedMansionMike and Swabby!!

                    Norm and Swabby

                    Then, it was lunch at the Riverbelle!!

                    Out the window, we can see that the Columbia stopped. Fishy reported that one of the rafts engines had died and it had to be towed to shore.

                    So, then the group made our way to our next destination, Pirates' Lair!

                    On the island, I caught sight of the Mark Twain stopped, just a head of it, a slow moving canoe.

                    We headed to the rest room on the other side of the island, just for the neat hand dryer, lol, :lmao:

                    After that, we sayed goodbye to most of the group, they had other plans. All was left was Stitch, Light Mouse, DisneyIPresume, and HauntedMansionMike. We made our way to Small World, but got distracted by the Laughing Stock Co. When that ended, HMMike wanted to take a vieo of BTMMR, but it was closed, so we continued our way to Small World. We rode that, while HMMike took a ride video. Afterwards, DIP and HMMike called it a night and it just left Stitch, LightMouse, and me.

                    We made our way to dcA to go on Screamin, but unfortunately it was closed. riders were stuck on the ridde.

                    We waited for a bit for the ride to open, so I took some random pics.

                    So, we left and headed towards TOT instead.

                    After TOT, I wanted to see if Screamin' was open yet, and it was. So, Light Mouse called it a night. On the way, I saw Mickey, Minnie, and Stitch out and about. They seemd to want a churro, :lol:

                    I rode Screamin', then called it a night.

                    THE END!!!!
                    I caught this on the way out:

                    Last edited by Dan - Tasmic!; 01-14-2008, 08:52 AM.


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                      Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

                      Looks like you guys had a great day one, bring on day 2!!!


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                        Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

                        Nice Dan. Thanks for posting such a detailed report.


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                          Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

                          California Screaming was still down around around 8:00pm, there were cars still stuck around the track. I stayed around for a bit to watch them reset each part of the coaster and move each set of cars back to the station. After that they rebooted the entire coaster but still it was not working, they never got the car to launch at speed while I was watching.


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                            Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

                            loved it dan.. looks like the new stitch had a wonderful time

                            Friends for life


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                              Re: Dan - Tasmic!'s Two Trip Reports In One

                              I love seeing the results of stitch running around the park all day!


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